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female ejaculation:

Or: female-come , slang for vaginal-secretions . During sexual excitement the vaginal muscles sometime bring the vaginal walls together so sharply that the secretions spurt-out of the vagina . This causes what is known as female ejaculation sometimes mistakenly compared to male ejaculation . See vaginal-secretions for synonyms.
See Also: acid phosphatase, atypical psychosexual dysfunction, bean-spillng, blow off the loose corns, blow one's load, break a peter on, bust one's gut, bust one's nuts, butter the bacon, carezza, choking Charlie 'till he throws up, choking the bald guy until he pukes, choking the sheriff and waiting for the posse to come, chuck the muck, clear the custard, clearing the snorkel, cockstipation, coitus obstructus, coitus pluvius, coitus saxonicus, coitus siccus, coitus sine ejaculatione, come your fat, crash one's muck, crash the yoghurt truck, cream one's silkies, cream-stick, cum shot, Detane, discharge the trouser mauser, dishonorable discharge, double fire, double payment, dry bob, effect emission, ejaculatio ante portas, ejaculatio praecox, ejaculatio precipitata, emission, emission phase, empty one's trash, empty the trash, empty the wank tanks, fall in the furrow, female come, female ejaculation, fill one with come, fire a shot, fire blanks, fire in the air, fire your wad, free the tadpoles, get one's cookies (off), get one's nuts off, get ones gun off, get your gun off, get your nuts off, get your oats, get your rocks off, getting off, give one's gravy, go off at half cock, have a seminal emission, have a sexual reflex, have a spasm, have a sperm attack, have a wet dream, have an emission, have some cream sauce, inseminate, ivory rinse, jerk jelly, jet one's juice, jiffy pop, jis, karezza, let go, lose bullets, lose one's mess, lose the last round, make a bald man cry, make a milkshake, milk the chicken, milk the lizard, milk the maggot, milking the bull, milking the cow, milking the moose, milking the musket, milking the weasel, misfire, money shot, number three, paradise strokes, pee white, piss one's tallow, play the whale, pop a nut, pop one's cookies, pop one's nuts, pull out, pulling out, seminal spurt, seminal vesuviation, send out the troops, shoot, shoot a wad, shoot blanks, shoot bullets, shoot in the bush, shoot off, shoot off one's load, shoot one's batch, shoot one's cocoa, shoot one's cream, shoot one's creamy load, shoot one's roe, shoot ones load, shoot ones wad, shoot white, shoot your load, shooting off a load, shot his great stones, spill water at a womans feet, squirt seed, squirting the seed, strain the main vein, strain the vein, stunt cock, suck dry, suck off, tachorgasmia, take the starch out of, tardojacia, throw the hash, tooth somebody to death, toss beanbags, upshoot, vaginal secretions, vesuviation, wean, whipped cream, wring it dry, zipper dinner

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