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inhibited sexual arousal:

Or: ISA , in males and females, the inability to become sexually aroused and to enjoy sex play; in a male, failure to obtain or maintain an erection; in a female, the inability to achieve sufficient vaginal lubrication.
See Also: abasiophilia, ablutolagnia, acrophilia, adolescentilism, aidocratia, albutophilia, algophile, anililagnia, autogynephilia, automutilation, automysophobia, autonecrophilia, autoscopophilia, belonephilia, braid cutting, capnolagnia, concomitant of desire, coproscopist, cynophilia, defecolagnia, defilement, dermaphilia, desire phase, flash groove, flash in the pants, heat is on, the, hedonophilia, hygrophilia, hypoactive sexual desire, inhibited sexual excitement, ISA, ISD, ISE, itchy pants, juicy feeling, lascivia, mastolagnia, psychrophilia, pubephilia, sarmassophilia, scrotilinctus, scrotilingus, self-mutilation, sexual defilement, terror play, thlipsosis, tithiolagnia, tithioscopia, traumaphilia, traumatophilia, trichoerethism, trichophilia, vicarphilia, xenophilia, zelophilia, zoolagnia

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