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love bite:

An American term for a bluish mark on the skin , usually on the neck , made by biting and sucking during sexual play.

SYNONYMS: bubble-gum ; heck-bite ; hecklace ; hickey ; hoover ; strawberry-kiss ; kiss-bite ; vac attack; monkey-bite ; Purple-Heart ; shag-tags (Britspeak); suckers (Britspeak).

See Also: a bit of all right, a bit of alright, a bit of fun, a bit of nifty, a bit of rumpty-tumpty, a bit of rumpy-bumpy, a bit of rumpy-pumpy, ache for, affaire d'amour, agape, agapism, all shaky-shivery, alright, Amantium irae, amoris integratio est, amatory, amatory pleasures, amor sui, Amor vincit omnia, amorous, amour fou, amour socratique, attachment, bark, batty about, be crazy about, be cuckoo over, be gone on, be goofy about, be hot for, be infatuated with, be swept off one's feet, billy-doo, bit, bit of all right, bit of alright, bit of nifty, bit of nookey, bit of rumpty-tumpty, bit of rumpy-bumpy, bit of rumpy-pumpy, bite, bite the crank, biting, biting kiss, bitten, blind love, blow me!, Bohemian love, bouncy-bouncy, brotherly love, calf love, caritas, carry a torch, carry the torch, carrying a torch, cause of causes, cheek bite, clamp it silly, con amore, contrectophilia, cracked on, Cupid dances on his/her eyelids, Cupids cramp, dead nuts on, dermagraphism, dizzy over, do a nifty, eternal wound, the, fall in a big way, far gone, far gone on, far goner, feel that way, fling, flip over for, fluff, go overboard, god of love, gone case, goo-goo eyes, gooey over, goofy, grande passion, grostulation, hard hit, have a bit of crumpet, have affection for, have one's heart doing back flips, have one's heart doing flip-flips, have that funny feeling, have the miseries, have the tremors, heart-stricken, heck bite, hecklace, hickey, Hidden Bite, in deep, in the throes of (love), kiss bite, kissonyms, Line of Jewels, lose one's heart, love, love bite, love drink, love's fruits, love-god, loveless, lovesick, mal d'amour, miseries, the, monkey bite, moon-eyed, moonstruck, moony about, moony for, moony over, nifty, perpetual emotion, philophobia, philter, Platonic love, Purple Heart, roses and raptures, rumpy-bumpy, rumpy-pumpy, set one's cap for, sexlove, shag tags, shit on a stick, Si vis amari, ama, silly about, softening of the hearters, strawberry kiss, suckers, swept off one's feet, T.L.C., taken with, tenth word in a telegram, thanatophilia, that certain gleam in one's eyes, torch carrier, triangle, twirl, voomish, wacky about, willing tit, zoophilist

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