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net pornography:

Pornography on the Internet. According to an article by Matt Rosoff, Sex on the Web , a CNET special report dated September 1999:

1. ' Up to 30 million individuals a day log on to adult Web sites .'

2. ' But thanks to societal disapproval and fear of legal prosecution, the porn industry on the Internet remains largely underground. Most mainstream analysts don't comment on it , and accurate statistics are extremely hard to come by (for instance, estimates range from 20,000 to 7 million active X-rated sites on the Net) .'

3. ' In 1998, pornography made up 11 percent of the $9 billion consumer e-commerce pie . In 1999, porn will make-up 8 percent of the total $18 billion in consumer e-commerce. (Estimates from Forrester Research.) '

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