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second base:

Petting above the waist, in distinction to first-base , kissing, third-base , petting below the waist, and home-base or home-run , meaning to go-all-the-way to sexual-intercourse .
See Also: 50:50, Accu-Jac, adrenal glands, age segregation, all the way, anus worship, asshole buddies, backgammon, Batman and Robin, beast with two backs, Bihari procedure, bikini, bipara, Boston marriage, buddy booths, cap and blow, Cash Flagg, cat-fight, Christ and two apostles, closed marriage, cock and ball harness, cock harness, congress, cow-climbing, crus of the clitoris, cut and come again, De duobus malis, minus est semper eligendum, deuterition, dimorphism, do the beast with two backs, do the two-backed beast, docking, dot the I, double, double dong, double dude, double fire, double payment, dual dildo, Engirix B, fifty-fifty, first base, fit, g-g, go all the way, go the length, go the limit, go the whole way, hit it off, home base, home plate, home run, in-sisters, jock and boxer, les-be-friends, love seat, lube, lubricant, making the beast with two backs, needle, Nervo and Knox, number three, panel worker, permanent mascara, pillow fucker, play a return engagement, playing chopsticks, polygamy, Recombivax HB, riding the bitch's seat, rose between two thorns, rowing the boat, second oldest profession, sex lube, sex lubricant, sex with someone you love, sex-linked, sexual dimorphism, sloppy seconds, spoon fashion, taffy-pulling contest, take out insurance, theme party, third base, trap two, triangle, two snaps up, twosies, union, white meat turkey on pumpernickel

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