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secret parts:

Euphemism for the male or female genitals . See penis and vagina for synonyms.

Quote: William Shakespeare. Hamlet : ' Then you live about her waist... / In the secret parts of Fortune? '

See Also: 11-ketoandrosterone, acinus, agastopia, amateur, arseparts, arvo, assignation, baby food, baby paste, ball-bearing oil, batty rider, beef extract, biffin, carnal parts, closet shakedown, cock vomit, commodity, dick drink, female impersonator, feminacy, hafada, half brass, hot lead, iris, monopathophobia, natural parts, naturals, part cheeks, part someone's cheeks, parts, parts below, popular body parts, private parts, privates, privy parts, PTA, reproductive fluid, secret parts, shissom, snedge, sticky seed, suds, tadpole treasure, tail around, trysting place, tuck, turgescent, undercover punk, undercover sissy, underparts, Venus' cell, water of life, white love piss

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