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sex for one:

Sex by and for the pleasure of one person; a euphemistic figure of speech for masturbation . See masturbation for synonyms.
See Also: 1-2-1, 34 1/2, 50:50, 63, a bit of fat, a bit of skin, aardvark, aberrant sexual behavior, acedolagnia, active, air express, ambisexuality, amorist, anonymous sex, aphallatosis, apple of one's eye, ass man, asshole buddy, Australian active, Australian passive, auto-fisting, B.V., back number, backed up, bacterial vaginosis, bad sex, bambi sex, banana, beat of one's heart, behavioral transsexualism, belly woman, better sex, big game, bit of ebony, bit of fat, bit of goods, bit of skin, bit of skirt, bitch-queen, blue handkerchief, break in the balls, bubby heaters, buddy booths, bug up the ass, burn out, buttered bun, casimeria, change one's luck, change over, charcoal blossom, charcoal lily, cheat, cheesing, chocolate drop, clap eyes on, clap one's eyes on, club date, cockhound, cocksman, coming out of the closet, coming out process, commercial phone sex, contrary sex, cottager, count ceiling tiles, cream in one's coffee, current excitement, cut him off, cynophilia, deadlier of the species, dear one, deft-and-dumb, desire phase, deuterition, devout sex, dick it up, dildonics, dirty mind, dogging, double moral standard, double sexual standard, double standard, doughed-up darling, drive-thru, droit du seigneur, drop beads, drop one's beads, drop one's cookies, drop the plate, dusky dame, ear sex, eating out, es-ay, expose onself, extramarital, fair sex, fairer sex, fam, favor, fetishizing, fifty-fifty, five-minute shack up, floater, free lover, fuck-struck, fucked by the fickle finger of fate, garbage woman, genophobia, gentle sex, gentler sex, get some round eye, get together principle, the, go to Copenhagen, go to Denmark, gold mine, grant sexual favors, gutter limits, guy, hairy bit, have a lot of what s/he's got, have it in a big way, have it in large gobs, have it in large helpings, have plenty of snap in her garter, have plenty of this and that, have plenty of what s/he's got, headache, heart's desire, heartthrob, heavy date, hemerotism, high Russian, hole out in one, a, homogenitalism, homogenitality, honey fuck, honey man, honeyfuck, hunk of ass, hunk of beef, hunk of butt, hyperphilia, invert, ipserotic, Irish marathon, it and more, it and that, It girl, It-ness, Jericho, jus primae noctis, lamma hutching, lay eyes on, lay one's eyes on, light of one's eyes, light of one's life, love of one's life, the, loved one, lovee, main hole, makings, the, male chauvinist pig, MCP, mmph, moll about in the head, myeh, non-kinky sex, nonsexist language, nyeh, object of one's affection, old fashioned, old stuff, the, oncer, one and only, one's everything, one's own, one-2-one, onliest, oomph, open up, opposite sex, optophobia, over the hill, pay papa, pervie, plurisexual, ponce off, proposish, pulchritude, pull, pulse accelerator, pulse upperer, pursonality papa, pussy-simple, raven beauty, riding in another mans saddle, second sex, set eyes on, sex bunny, sex goddess, sex it up, sex something up, sex stuff, sex toys, sex voltage, sex with someone you love, sex-chauvinist, sex-linked, sexaholic, sexaholism, sexobatics, sexotic, sexoticism, sextacy, sextraction, sextrology, sexual icon, shady lady, shrieker sex, shrimp job, sin fest, single-O, Sixty-Ninth Street Bridge, sixty-three, skid marks, skirt, socks appeal, soft spot, softer sex, sterner sex, straight sex, sugar bowl, sugar brown, sugar daddy, sugar honey, sugar papa, Swedish arts, talk slop, tasty gel, that certain something, thata, this and that, thisa and thata, tongue somebody out, transexion, transgender, transition, transsex procedures, transsexual, transsexualism, transsexuality, tribology, tripsolagnia, truelove, turn it on, turned off, two-way, two-way girl, twosies, umph, unfair sex, upside-down kiss, uxoriosis, vanilla sex, vita sexualis, vitricophobia, vomit, weaker sex, weaker vessel, the, whoring days, wick, yumph, zoo number, zoo-style

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