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side-by-side position:

Any sexual-position in which the partners have intercourse lying on their sides facing one another; when the partners are front to back it is known as rear-entry position . This sexual-position allows for maximum contact between the penis and the clitoris .
See Also: 69, a bit on the side, abdominal wall, abnormal presentation, Antipodes, auto pimp, backside, basket crusher, bats for both sides, bats for the other side, batting for both sides, batting for the other side, battle of the sexes, behind, bit on the side, bookends, bulb of the vestibule, cheek, cheeks, Chinese fashion, Chinese style, coital position, coital posture, coithesis, come on over to the S & M side, contrasexual, cremaster reftex, cremasteric reftex, dextral, dextrocardia, dextrophobia, distaff side, the, dorsal, dorsal-ventral position, dress to the right (or to the left), figura veneris prima, figurae veneris, gammon, getting it on the side, getting some on the side, go-between, half-husband, have a little death, heavy breathing, intercourse position, K-hole, levophobia, long and short of it, the, lovemaking position, macromastia, making bishops, man-above position, man-on-top position, missionary position, momma-pappa position, mort douce, nappy dugout, old fashioned way, on the side, position, Purple Hand, The, sex position, sexual position, sheep's eyes, side-by-side position, singles, sitting parts, sixty-nine, spoons, swing both ways, swings both ways, switch-hitter, thesocratia, tiryak-bandha, Tosos, vestibulovaginal bulb, vom Anderen Ufer, woman-on-top position

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