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smitten with:

1. To be fascinated or cativated with.

2. To have a powerful romantic attraction for someone; to be-infatuated-with ; to have-a-crush-on . See love for synonyms.


(1) Parry (Robin Williams) in The Fisher King (1991): ' I'm deeply smitten! '

(2) Charlie McCarthy (voice Edgar Bergen) and the soda jerk in Look Who's Laughing (1941):
-- Soda jerk : ' Gee, you're really smitten , aren't you, Charlie? '
-- Charlie : ' Yeah! The trouble with me is when I'm smitten I stay smut .'

(3) Stella Purdy (Stella Stevens) to Buddy Love (Jerry Lewis) in The Nutty Professor (1963): ' Well, mister, this is one kitten that won't be smitten by that little old devil .'

See Also: ass over head, be mad about, bitten, bitten by the love bug, crush, far gone, hard hit, heels over head (in love), over head and heels (in love), smite, smitten, smitten with, smut, struck by lightning

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