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sweet talk:

1. Affectionate talk murmured between lovers.
Synonyms: endearments; flattery; honeyed words; soft-nothings ; sweet-nothings .

Quote: Billie Dawn (Melanie Griffith) to Paul Verral (Don Johnson) in Born Yesterday (1993): 'Oh, sweet talk . It's my favorite .'

2. Flattery; cajolery.

3. To flatter; to cajole .

4. To seek to persuade or convince, especially by using flattery and cajolery.

See Also: ass-a-holic, baby talk, breather, bullshit, chat down, chat up, chip the lips, commercial phone sex, computease, Danny Debonaire, diarrhea of the mouth, drip, fuck-happy, full of wind and piss, lagneuomania, paper ass, patootie, pussy talk, ratchet-jaw, ratchet-mouth, rolling, sass, soft nothings, sweet nothings, sweet talk, talk slop, talk trash, tender chick, TTYL, word freak

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