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Rare American usage for : a) a penis ; b) a prostitute ; c) a brothel .
See Also: jack off party, M and M, mutual masturbation, pull, pull one's pud, rub

Quotes Containing timothy:
Philip of France (Timothy Dalton) to King Henry (Peter O''Toole) in The Lion in Winter (1968): ''I''ve learned how much fathers live in sons.''
'Oh, we all pulled together at Eaton.' Sir Michael Barington (Timothy Dalton) in Sextette (1978) He's referring to watersports (rowing) not group-masturbation .
''Oh, we all pulled together at Eaton.'' Sir Michael Barington (Timothy Dalton) in Sextette (1978). He''s talking about water-sports not group-masturbation .''
Charles (Timothy Hutton) who broke his engagement to Kate (Meg Ryan) after falling head-over-heels in-love-with a French girl in Paris in French Kiss (1995): - Charles: ''I feel so totally, horribly guilty.'' - Kate: ''Oh, listen, don''t feel guilty because then I''ll start feeling guilty that I made you feel guilty, and... You know , actually, that was the old me. Just feel guilty. Swim in it till your fingers get all pruny.''
Michael (Timothy Dalton) and his bride Marlo (Mae West), in Sextette (1978): - Sir Michael Barrington: ''All these people clutching at you, always wanting something. As for your manager, he really rubs me the wrong way .'' - Marlo Manners: ''Don''t worry, honey , I''ll rub you the right way .''

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