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toilet service:

Or: toilet-servitude / toilet-sex / toilet traning , in sadomasochism, giving and receiving golden-showers and/or brown-showers, urinating and/or defecating on a partner as a form of slave training. CAUTION: Eating feces is unsafe sex that can be hazardous to your health.
See Also: a.s.s., Adult Verification Service, AEGIS, Age Verification Service, altar room, answer a call to the warden's office, answer nature's call, answer the call of nature, ass-wipe, ass-wiper, AVS, bean-jacks, biffie, bog, bog queen, bog-house, bumf, bumph, bung fodder, butt tape, butt-wipe, call house, call joint, cash a check, check the plumbing, comfort for the troops, comfort room, comfort station, cottager, do escort work, drive the big bus, escort agency, feed the dog, flusher, gents, the, get stiffed, go and sing Sweet Violets, go feed the goldfish, go into one's private office, go into retreat, go tap a kidney, go to Egypt, go to the bank, go to the can, go to the crapper, go to the dunnee, hardware shop, heed nature's call, hug the porcelain wishing well, hug the throne, Johnny Queen, johns, kiss the porcelain god, kneel before the porcelain throne, loo, make a coke stop, make a phone call, make an offering to the porcelain god, make food offerings to the china gods, one and two, out-call service, pay a visit, pay a visit to the old soldier's home, peecam, perform the work of nature, pit stop, pray at the porcelain altar, pray to the porcelain god, pray to the porcelain goddess, pray to the porcelain gods, pray to the porcelain princess, privy queen, retreat to one's sanctum sanctorium, retreat to the holy of holies, seeing-to, service station, shouse, sing psychedelic praises to the depths of the china bowl, small room, smallest room, stool pigeon, striptease to go, stud-service, T-room queen, take an Irish shave, talk on the great white telephone, talk to god on the big white telephone, tea room queen, tearoom queen, telephone house, throne, throne queen, throttle pit, Tijuana racetrack, toilet service, toilet servitude, toilet sex, toilet training, token of sincerity, visit the chamber of commerce, visit the loo, visit the potty, washroom faggot, waterloo, white meat turkey on pumpernickel, works, the, worship at the porcelain altar

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