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1. Britishism for the penis . See penis for synonyms.

2. A masculine woman or lesbian , the opposite of molly , an effeminate man .

See Also: bone-up, buysexual, cheese and kisses, foreplay, hung, punani, put my fire out, rollocks, storm and stripes, tinkle, Tommy Rollicks, Tommy Rollocks, well-hung

Quotes Containing tommy:
Michelle (Julie Warner) and Tommy (Chris Farley) in Tommy Boy (1994) - Michelle: ''I saw him kissing his mom.'' - Tommy: ''So?'' - Michelle: ''With his tongue .''
Duchess Lucinda (Barbara Hershey) to Tommy Patel (Eric Idle) in Splitting Heirs (1993). - Duchess: ''You remind me of my late husband . (...) He was hung like a badger .'' - Tommy: ''Really? Is that good?'' - Duchess: ''Only if you''re a badger .''
Tommy Patel (Eric Idle) and Duchess Lucinda (Barbara Hershey) in Splitting Heirs (1993): - Tommy: ''I''m sorry about your husband .'' - Lucinda: ''You didn''t have to sleep-with him. His idea of a good-time in bed was three newspapers and a cup of tea . He thought foreplay was a kind of golf.''
Skip tracer Tommy Novak (Clint Eastwood) and his prisoner Lou Ann McGuinn (Bernadette Peters) dressed in flaming red in Pink Cadillac (1989): - Tommy:'If you don't mind my saying so you look dressed-to-kill tonight, Miss McGuinn.' - Lou Ann:'No, I'm dressed to torture . Killing is too good for you.'
Tommy (Rudy Vallee), Margaret (Myrna Loy) in The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947) - Tommy: ''A girl her age is entitled to growing pains.'' - Margaret: ''Susan''s growing pains are rapidly becoming a major disease.''
Duchess (Barbara Hershey) to Tommy (Eric Idle) in Splitting Heirs (1993): - Duchess Lucinda: ''You remind me of my late husband . (...) He was hung like a badger .'' - Tommy Patel: ''Really? Is that good?'' - Duchess Lucinda: ''Only if you''re a badger .''
'Don't marry suffering the way some people do . They marry suffering, they eat with suffering, they sleep-with suffering, and if they find some joy in their lives, they think they're committing adultery .' Dr. Tamkin (Jerry Stiller) to Tommy Wilhelm (Robin Williams) in Seize the Day (1986)
Tommy Patel (Eric Idle) in Splitting Heirs (1993): ''You don''t have to worry about me, dear, I''m BI-sexual. Whenever I want to have-sex , I have to buy it .''

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