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vaginal vestibule:

Or: vestibule / vestibulum-vaginae , the space leading to the entrance of the vagina , the area enclosed by the labia-minora . The vaginal opening and the urethral-opening are within the vestibule .
See Also: acquired syphilis, balls deep in the furry fun house, bit of tail, bottle dance, bream cream, buonballs, buttered finger, coitus a posteriori, coitus abstentia, colpoxerosis, cunt juice, damp patch, extras, female come, female ejaculation, female spendings, French dip, genupectoral, goose grease, hymenotomy, inhibited orgasm, juicy sewer, little flying saucer, love juice, lower salivation, mammalian position, nature's lube, old fashioned, penovaginal, RR 1, Rural Route 1, sexual secretions, slut butter, spendings, sweating phenomenon, tail-job, take it, third way, three-way girl, transvaginal, twat water, two-way, vagina juice, vaginal discharge, vaginal juice, vaginal spendings, vaginal vestibule, vestibule, vestibulitis, vestibulum vaginae, vulva, vulva sauce, whites, the

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