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vibrating masturbator:

A manual or electric, vagina-like masturbation device for men consisting of a tube for inserting the penis and a piston that slides back and forth to masturbate the penis .
See Also: anal violin, candlestick-polisher, chicken-choker, dink-rubber, doodle-dasher, fiver, flipwreck, frigster, fuck-fist, gusset typist, hand queen, Handy (Andy), hog-flogger, husker, Jackie, jerk jockey, jerk-off addict, jerker, jerky, light-fingered, married to Mary Fist, mega-wanker, milk-woman, milker, milkman, mitten queen, monkey spanker, onanist, peter-beater, pillow fucker, pud-puller, rheomist, rosy palmed, stroker, taffy tugger, tapdancer, tube-stroker, vibrator, virtuoso of the skin flute, Wanda Wandwaver, wank bandit, yanker

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