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very gay:

Sarcastic expression to describe a situation not at all gay or comical. Usually spoken with emphasis on the word gay : ' It was all very gay! '
See Also: 175er, 49, 50:50, 501s, 59, abdicate, Abigail, abort, absolute code, abyss, accordion, acorn-picker, actress, actress starlette, Adam, advertising bar, advertising pilgrim, aggie, aging actress, Agnes, ahall, all bitched up, all butched up, all man, alley queen, allorgasmia, amyl queen, anal jabber, anal stormtrooper, Andrew phenomenon, angel, angel food, angel with a dirty face, antiman, ask for the ring, aspro, ass jabber, ass man, ass master, ass queen, ass thrasher, ass-peddler, asshole buddies, asspro, assume the position, aunt, auntie, ayuga, babette, Baby Crockett, baby-maker, back-door bandit, backs against the wall!, backs to the wall chaps!, backside artist, badido, bagger double entry, baggette, bait, bake potatoes, baker's closed, baker's dozen, bakery goods, ball-bearing stewardess, ballad bar, ballroom, bambi, bambi effect, bambi sex, band-member, Barbarella, bardajes, barfairy, bargain basement, basher, basket days, basket-watcher, basketeer, Bastille, bat, bat boy, bat-cave, baths, the, beach bitch, beach blanket, beach whale, beads, bean juice, bean queen, beany, bed breath, beefcake books, belly-fucker, belly-queen, bender, benny, benrus queen, bent-wrist, benzadrina, Betty Bouffant, Betty shits her dress, Betty shitting her shoes, Beulah-lover, bibbing, big dick queen, big woman, biker, bird cage, bird circuit, birdcage, birdcage cleaner, birdie, bitch's blind, bitch's Christmas, bitched up, bitches' Christmas, biting daddy, black snake, black widow, blackjack, bleeding dirt, blessing, BLG, blow hole, blown all over the map, blue handkerchief, bod-comic, bodyguard, bog queen, bold, bona omi, bonbon, bondage queen, bone queen, boot slave, boretto man, boss-queen, bottle of scent, bottle opener, bottom, bottom man, bouquet of pansies, bowl of wax fruit, boy pussy, boy's club, bracelet, break somebody in, breakthrough, breeder, breeder fish, brick shithouse, bring out (of the closet), broken-wrist, bronc, bronco, bronk, brother, brought out, brown artist, brown Betty, Brown family, brown hatter, brownie queen, browning, Browning family, browning queen, Browning sisters, bruise the fruit, buccaneer, buck, buckaruby, bucket, bucket boy, bucket head, buddy, buff-boy, buff-light, buffle, buffy, buggerantoes, built like a brick shithouse, bull party, buller, bum boys, bum chums, bumper-to-bumper, bumping pussies, bun woman, bungie-boy, burglar, bury the wick, bush bunny, bush patrol, bust one's beads, butch as Kong, butch cut, butch in the streets, butch it up, butched up, butcher, butcher boy, butchered chicken, butt book, butt pussy, butt slammer, butter, bake and baste, buttfuck buddy, cake-eater, Camille, camp, camp culture, camp it up, campfire girl, canasta, candy-maker, canned fruit, canned goods, career boy, Carmen Miranda, Carmen(cita), casket freak, Castro clone, catch, CFD, charactronym, chatty cathy, cheap thing, cherry boy, cherry flip, cherry top, chesty, Chicago Society for Human Rights, chicken, chicken butcher, chicken crotchetory, chicken hawk, chicken in the basket, chicken neck, chicken plucker, chicken pox, chicken snatchitori, chicken-house, chicken-little, chicken-meter, chicken-of-the-sea, chicken-with-a-basket, chin-strap, chinch pad, chipmunk, chocolate bunny, chocolate lover, chubby chaser, church member, Cinderella, cinnamon stick, clamp it silly, Clarence Coon, clean it up, clean kitchen, clean up, clone, closet name, closet queen, closet queer, closet, the, closeted, club date, clubhouse, coal burner, cocksman, COD, coffin queen, cohabitation, Colwyn Bay, come-freak, come-on boy, come-queen, cometosis, commercial queer, commoner, confirmed bachelor, controsexual, cook book, cornhole palace, cosmetic intuition, cottage, cottager, cottaging, countess, couple friend, crack run, cracking, crapper dick, crevice courier, crew-cut queen, Crisco cottage, crotch voyeur, crotch-peeper, Cruella, crunt, crushed fruit, Cuban pumps, Cubans, cucumber queen, cunnilinguate, cunt, cupcake, curry queen, Dahlia dyke, dainties, daisy chain, daisy duck, Daisy Dumpling, dandy, dangle queen, dangler, dash, daub of the brush, dazzle the audience, deadeye dick, decoy(er), deliver a baby, den (of sin), dethroned, dew, dew on the lily, dick-drinker, dig a ditch, Dilly, dilly dude, dinge queen, dinge-rim queen, DINKS, dinner beneath the bridge, dioning, discover one's gender, dish, ditsoon, diving in the sky, dizzy-queen, dog food, doll-tits, don't drop the soap!, Dorothy's friend, double-gaited, doul, Dowager Queen, dragon lady, drama queen, drape queen, draw the drapes, drive-in levis, drop one's beads, drop one's cookies, drop one's hairpins, drop ones load, drop the plate, Dutch dumplings, effeminative, effie, egg McMuff, egg McMuffin, entertaining royalty, European accentuation, explore the beads, eyeball the back of the closet door, FACE CREAM, fag bashing, fag busting, fag factory, fag hag, fag hots, fag magnet, fag-lang, faggot worker, faglish, fairy godmother, fairy hawk, fallen star, falsies, fart slime, fast food sex, fay, felch queen, felching, fellate, fem, femme, FFA, filly, fish, flag, flame, flinking, flip side, floater, flophouse, floral arrangement, fly-trap, flytrap, forty-niner, four-letter word, freejack, French embassy, French revolution, French woman, French-fried ice cream, Friend of Dorothy, fruit, fruit cup, fruit-picker, fruity, fuck passage, fudy, fugitive from a chain gang, funch, funk-a-thon, funny that way, he's, futy, Gabe Asher, gaelic, Gail, Galilee stompers, gander, gape, gay, gay basher, gay bashing, gay chicken, gay deceivers, gay for pay, gay gene, gay ghetto, gay girl, gay house, gay in the legs, gay it up, gay lib, gay liberation, gay life, gay lingo, gay milk bar, gay rights, gay slang, gay wench, gay woman, gay youthism, gay-leria, gaybee boom, gaycat, gaychick, gaydar, gaydom, gaying instrument, gaying it, gaylese, gayola, gaytalk, geriatric set, Geritol set, geycat, GHM, ginny woman, girl scout, glass asshole, GLB, glory hole, glory hole sex, gloryhole, gobette, god-forbid, golden shower queen, gonorita, goober smoocher, good buddy, goop-gobbler, gooser, gorilla salad, goy toy, Grand Canyon, grandma, gray lady, greenhouse, grimm's fairy, groceries, gunch, gunsel, gutter limits, GWM, hairy Mary, have a dash of lavender, have some cream sauce, he-male, he-man, hemale, herosexual, hettie, hidden queen, high Russian, high Texan, hint of lavender, hint of mint, hip-hitter, hips, lips and armpits, hitchpussy, homo-, homoerotophobia, homogenic, homophile, homophobia, homophobic, homosocial, hose, hot enchilada, hot tamale, huffle, humpy, Hundred-And-Seventy-Fiver, hunky, hypothalamus, ice queen, ice-cube sandwich, icing expert, icing queen, ILGA, ill-piece, impale, in-sisters, INAH, iron closet, iron jaws, isosexual, jaihouse turnout, jail bait, jailhouse pussy, jawfest, jean queen, jewelry showcase, jock and boxer, jocker, joto, Juanita, jungle meat, kabuki, King Lear, Kinsey One, Kinsey Six, kissing fish, kitchen cleaner, kitchen queen, knitting, knitting needle, KY cow house, lace, lace curtains, lacy, lanoola, laundry, lavender, lay it out, LBGT, learn a new way, left hip pocket, left-handed, lesbian, lesbian feminist, let one's hair down, lilies of the valley, lily-livered, limp-wrist, limp-wristed, Lincoln tunnel, line-up, lipstick, lipstick on a dipstick, little brother, load, lollipop stop, look bar, loose in his loafers, lose one's gender, lover under the lap, lunch, lunch box, lunch-meat, lunchbox, luncheonette, mack, mackin', madge, make a milk run, make a pit stop, make the blind see, make the milk run, mamacita, man pussy, man-hole, manhole, marble palace, meat case, meatrack, Mexicali Rose, midnight queen, milky way, the, Miss Morales, Miss Thing, Miss Tijuana, missionary work, mixed fruits and vegetables, moll house, molly house, molly shop, money trick, Morticia, mustache ride, Nanette, nearsighted, negrera, Nora Naugahide, Norman Normal, nudger, old crank case, old faceful, old girl, old hen, old queen, old thing, on the bash, oncer, oscarize, oscarizing, out, outed, oyster, oyster stew, packet, paint the bucket, pansyland, Paris brothers, pasture woman, pearl, peasants, peculator pecker, peephole squad, penile colony, perch, pichon, picnic lunch, pig room, pimple joint, pimple palace, pine, pink panther gay libber, pink triangle, pissy queen, pitch, plank, play checkers, play chess, play chipmunk, play the organ, playing canasta, playing hoopsnake, poke, poodle queen, poofter, poofy, poon, poovy, pop a cherry, possesh, pretender to the throne, pricknic, pricnic, princepessa, privates, privy queen, props, protein queen, prune person, punkie, puppy flesh, Purple Hand, The, pushing box, quail, queen, queen bees, Queen Mary, Queen of Hearts, Queen of Scotch, Queen of Sheba, Queen of Spades, queen on a broomstick, queen's Christmas, queen's gilded cage, queen's tanks, queen's vernacular, queenie, queer, queerie, quickie station, Ramona Rottencrotch, ranchera, rancid flower, rattle the (giddy) beads, read the beads, reamo ream, reary, rich cream sauce, ride the deck, right hip pocket, right-handed, rimadonna, Rimsky, ring around the rosey, RM, road game, road queen, roarer, Roman historian, rosebud, rough-trade, round pussy, round-mouth, royal jelly, rub bellies, rub freak, rub-belly, rubber, rubber necking, rubber queen, rumpy, sad-ass, saddle it, sailor's cup of tea, Sally, same sex love, sausage jockey, sausage party, scarf (up), scatophiliac, sea food, sea-fairy, senoreater, sew, sexteen, sexteenager, shell queen, shrimp, shrimp job, shrimp queen, shrimper, simulsex, simulsexual, sing the sailor songbook, sissies, sissified, sissyish, sister act, six à neuf, sixty-nine queen, size queen, skeet shooting, ski up and down Happy Valley, skillful skull, Skinny rubbing, slip into, smearing the queer, snapping turtle, sniff queen, snow queen, soiled senior citizen, soup, soupy, south-of-the-border tart, Spanish Rose, spider lady, spit-fuck, square, squelching, stag hag, stand up job, Stonewall Uprising, The, stool pigeon, stuff a turkey, suck-queen, suckstress, sunkist queen, super J, swing on it, swishy, T-room, taco queen, tail bone, tailgator, take somebody on, take the meat out, take the sheet, talk turkey, tamale-pie eater, tar brush, tasty-cover(s), tat, tat queen, tattoo boy, tattoo queen, tavern maid, tea dance, tea engagement, tea room, tea room trade, tea towel holder, teahouse, team player, tearoom, tearoom trade, telefag, tell the folks, tender talent, tenderfoot, tent, thirty-day boy, thirty-forty-dead, three-bee, three-letter man, throne queen, tiara, Tijuana queen, timesqueer, Tina Tuna, tinkler-belle, tired-old queen, tired-old thing, tisket a-tasket, tit queen, titty, titty-freak, toe queen, toe-jam queen, Toilet Tessie, toilet water, token chicken, token-fag queers, token-queer, Tommy Dodd, tondalayo, tonsila, torch job, Tosos, toss a salad, toss freaks, toss him off, toss the salad, touch-me-not garden, touche pipi, tour time, tourist, track two, trade, trading post, tranny fucker, trans-fag, TransLesBiGay, tranz-fag, trapper, traveler's aid, traveling salesman, trick day, trick night, trick-cyclist, triple treat queen, Trojan horse, troll, trolling ground, trolling the toilet, true confession, tube queen, tumble a fruit, tuna, turn one out, turn out, turn over, turn someone out, turn the corner, turnover, TV style, twink, twinkboner, twinkie, twinky, two snaps up, undercover man, untried, upside-down cake, uranian, uranist, urinal sniffer, usurper, vacuum cleaner, Vagina Littlefinger, valley of tears, vampire, vampire run, vanilla queen, vanilla sex, Vaseline Villa, vault, vegetable, vegetarian, Venetian blinds, Venus with a penis, Veronica, very gay, view master, view queen, Viking queen, village people, virgin queen, Virginia, waiter, waiteress, wall job, wall queen, wand, wash the egg out, washroom faggot, watchtower, water chestnut, water lilies, wave, wax fruit, wax museum, wear a cut-glass veil, wear giddy beads, wear one's badge, wheelchair set, whomp down on it, whomp it up, whore you?, whorella, widowed aunt, Wilde Oscar, wings, woof up on it, working girl, working my last gay nerve, wreck, wreck somebody's beads, wrecked, wrecking company, Xerox queen, Yankees yawn, yeastful buns a plenty, yeomanette, yodel in the canyon (of love), yodel up in the canyon (of love), yodeling in the canyon (of love), yodeling in the gully, yummies, yummy down on it, yummy it down, yummy up on it, zoo queen

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