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Jocular or disparaging gay nickname for a man who enjoys looking at other men or one who ogles shamelessly at male crotches.

SYNONYMS: basketeer ; basket-watcher ; crotch-peeper ; crotch-voyeur ; view-queen .

SEE ALSO: basket-shopping , playing-canasta ; scope ; scoping .

See Also: a bit of the old in and out, Antipodes, basket shopping, basket-watcher, basketeer, bias-free, body slave, chief cook and bottle washer, coprophagist, coprophile, crotch voyeur, crotch-peeper, diaphanophilia, disobedient, head cook and bottle washer, hitchhiker on the Hershey Highway, inner sanctum, look at the ceiling, M, master-slave, masterpiece, mastolagnia, masturbate, mixoscopia, one-on-one booth, picnic lunch, push-push, session fee, slave, slavemaster, slaver, sweating phenomenon, taskmaster, teacher, third sex, thirty-forty-dead, tutor, view queen, work up

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