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vice versa:

1. A pun on vice (oral sex) and vice versa (opposite positions) for mutual oral-sex (fellatio or cunnilingus) in the 69 position .
SYNONYMS: 6-2-9 ; 6 to 9; double-header ; double-wedding ; flip-flop ; flying sixty-nine ; fork-and-spoon ; (go) halvsies ; head-over-heels-(in-love) ; heads-and-tails ; loop-de-loop ; (play) hoop-snake(s) ; p's-and-q's ; playing-hoopsnake ; six-to-nine ; soixante-neuf (69 in French).
SEE ALSO: thirty-nine .

2. Vice Versa . Title of a lesbian magazine produced by Lisa Ben; introduced in June of 1947, ran for nine editions of only ten copies each.

See Also: 6-2-9, 6-to-9, abdicate, double wedding, English arts, English cultures, fork and spoon, halvsies, heads and tails, loop-de-loop, maladie anglaise, pander, panderer, playing hoopsnake, procurer, soixante-neuf, tom patrol, vice allemand, vice anglais, vice versa, zebra'd

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