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with young:

Pregnant. See pregnant for synonyms.
See Also: 3-Fs, abortion rate, absolute risk, alter kocker, altocalciphilia, anal joyrider, Angelina sorority, antique dealer, Are you keeping it for the worms?, arseduke, baby butch, baby dyke, baby vamp, babyolatry, bachelette, bachelor girl, bachelorette, bait, baker's dozen, bambi effect, band rat, barbettes, Barbie, bardajes, bedful of sin, beetle, benny, benny house, biddy, big game, bimbette, birds and the bees, the, bit of fluff, bit of stuff, bitch kitty, bitchen, bitchin', bitchin'-twitchin', blastolagnia, bliss-ninnies, blue flame, blushing bride, bombshell, boondocking, boy herder, boy marriage, boy toy, boy's smoking house, boys, boyz, bullets, bungie-boy, butchered chicken, camper, canary, candy-leg, castrato, cave man, cheese, cherries, cherry pie, cherry ripe, chic, chick, chick fancier, chick-a-biddy, chickabiddy, chicken, chicken crotchetory, chicken dinner, chicken freak, chicken hawk, chicken in the basket, chicken queen, chicken snatchitori, chicken thief, chicken-coop, chicken-house, chicken-little, chicken-looking, chickie, chicklet, chickybabe, chiclet, chippie, chippy, chorus girl, cockish wench, colpkinophilia, Colt's tooth, come-on boy, comfort for the troops, coming out, corephallia, corephallism, cover girl, cruise, crusher, cuddle and kiss, cupcake, curtain climber, cute trick, December-May, December-May romance, decoy(er), dells, demi-rep, demoiselle, devilette, dibby-dibbies, Dilly, dilly boy, dinky dyke, disporting oneself, doe, dolly bird, Don Juaness, double moral standard, double standard, doughed-up darling, doul, down, effeminative, eyeful, facts of life, the, fag factory, Fagin, fairy, fairy godmother, fairy hawk, faloosie, fast stepper, feel the Colt's tooth, fill out, filly, flower house, fluffhead, fragile number, frail, Fraulein, fresh nugs, fuzz face, gay chicken, gay milk bar, gay youthism, gazoony, generous keeper, gigolo, girl, girlie, go all the way, gobette, god-forbid, going on bush patrol, gold mine, gold-digger, gold-digging, gold-miner, grisette, guido, gunsel, H, hatch, hatchway, hen, high stepper, hip chick, homey, homy, honey, honey dip, honey fuck, honey man, honeyfuck, hot funky, immoral girl, impregnate, in heat, jazz baby, jazzed-up jane, jazzy jane, jazzy member, jazzy number, Jewish American Princess, jock and boxer, juve, juvenile, kid-simple, kiddy freak, kidney wiper, kleenex, korephile, lecher, little charmer, little shaver, lovelies, maidenhood, Make hay while the sun shines, makeup, meat-seeking pissile, mimpins, minx, Mister Poky, money-honey, moppet, mot, MQ, nymph, nymphet, oomph girl, parthenophobia, passion pit, past his prime, pay papa, pederastic marriage, pee-pee lover, peg-boy, pervert, phat chick, pimple joint, pimple palace, piss proud, plant one's wild oats, plant the oats, plant wild oats, pogue, pom-poms, ponce, poofter, possesh, pretties, prostitutke, prushun, punkie, puppy flesh, pursonality papa, pussycat, put out, Q, queen bee, rebel, rejection, rock and roll, round out, scoop, semi-diesel, seven digits, sewing circle, sexercise(s), sexteen, sexteenager, sexual intercourse, shunamitism, sin bin, sizzling, sketell, skirt, slick chick, snow bunny, sow one's wild oats, sow some wild oats, sparrowhawk, spooged, sugar bowl, sugar daddy, sugar honey, sugar papa, superdroopers, sure thing, sweater girl, tart, teenager, tender chick, tender talent, thelyflorescence, Thisbe, three F's, thrill, tits and zits, titter, titty-boo, tootsie, tootsy, touche pipi, toy boy, trat, trimming the hedges, twig and berries, twink, twinkboner, twinkie, twinkies, twinkle-toes, twinky, unfuckable, vampire, vulvette, wasp waist, weiner, wet dream, whorelet, wiener, wild oats, wings, X.Y.L., xanith, xippie, XYL, Yankee heaven, yeomanette, young blade, young buck, yummies

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