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Or: baldheaded / bald-headed :

1. Having little or no hair on the head .
Synonyms: clean-shaven; glabrous; hairless; shaved; shaven; skin-head ; smooth; tonsured.

2. Circumcised. See circumcised for synonyms.

See Also: baby in the boat, bald, bald-headed, baldy, boy in the boat, Captain Hogseye, Captain Picard, chrome-dome, cue-ball, Elmer Pudd, making the bald man cry, making the bald man puke, Mexican hairless, nut-rock, peladophobia, phalacrophobia, skating rink, skin head, slap head, slaphead, suedehead, thin on top, wrestling with the bald(-headed) champ

Quotes Containing bald:
Toby (Joan Hacket) and Georgia Hines (Marsha Mason) in Only When I Laugh (1981) - Toby:''A woman can never be too pretty. They take-it away from you soon enough. Hold on to it while you can .'' - Georgia : ''Come on . If you went bald and lost your teeth you''d still be cute-looking.''

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