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coitus oralis:

Oral-genital sex ; mouth contact with the penis (fellatio) or the vagina (cunnilingus). CAUTION: Oral sex was, until resently, considered a low risk activity for getting HIV USA Today (Feb. 2, 2000) a recent study shows that as many as 8% of new HIV infections in gay men result from performing oral sex), other STDs, syphilis , gonorrhea , herpes 2, can be transmitted orally. Since HIV may be contained in the seminal and vaginal fluids of an HIV-infected person, protection in the form of a latex-condom with spermicide (preferably nonoxynol-9) is recommended for fellatio and a dental-dam or latex barrier should be used for cunnilingus . It isn't easy for HIV to get-into the bloodstream through the mouth unless that mouth contains cuts , sores, or recent dental work . No cases have yet been reported of people being infected with HIV from having had oral-sex performed on them.
Synonyms: buccal-intercourse ; buccal-onanism ; coitus-in-ore ; labiate ; mouth-genital-sex ; oragenital-sex ; oral-coitus ; oral-copulation ; oral-eroticism ; oral-genital-sex ; oral-genitalism (oralgenitalism); oral-intercourse , oral-job ; oral-service ; oral-sex ; oral-stimulation ; oral-titillation ; oralism ; orogenital-sex ; orogenitalism ; orolabial-stimulation .
Slangonyms and euphemisms: DSL (Rap: Dick Sucking Lips); eat ; face-fucking ; French (art(s), culture(s), head-job ; job , kiss ; lessons, love , sex , tricks, way); Frenching ; gam ; gamahuche ; get-down ; give (a blow-job , a face-job , face ; good head , head , skull); go-for-sushi ; go-down on (and do tricks); go-south ; head (job); kiss-it-(down) ; kneel-at-the-altar ; larro ; lay-the-lip ; orbit ; make-mouth-music ; mouth-job ; mouthlove ; mouth-music ; munch ; picnic-on-it ; play-mouth-music ; sit-on-a-face ; speak Low genitalese; swing-low ; tongue-fuck ; tongue-sushi ; tongue-wash .See also: anilingus ; cunnilingus ; fellatio .
See Also: a tergo, blow, blow job, Browning sister, butter churn, coital, coiture, coitus a posteriori, coitus a tergo, coitus acceptus, coitus fear, coitus incompletus, coitus more ferarum, coitus pluvius, coitus siccus, coitus sodomus, college fuck, college style, copulating, English method, get off at Redfern, getting of at Gateshead, leave before the gospel, oral coitus, oral copulation, oral intercourse, oral titillation, orogenital sex, orolabial stimulation, Post coitum triste omni est, pull out, sexarche, titillatione mammarum, vaginal urination, works, the

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