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Engaged in-coitus or sexual intercoursing. See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: a bit of beef, American by injection, apache, ashes hauled, back breaker, backup, bag, bait the hook, baloney hop, bang, bang away, bang like a shithouse door (in a gale), bang like a shithouse door in the wind, banging, base fuck, bash leather, bat up, beat with the ugly stick, beating (someone) with the ugly stick, belly-bumper, block, bludgeon, bob, boff, boink, bone-on, bone-up, bonk, boom-boom, bop, bore, bounce (in bed), break a lance with, break a peter on, brim, broad-jumping, buck, bucket broad, buried alive, bury the bone, bury the hobbit, bushwack, bust someone out, buzz the brillo, californicate, calk, cane, case, catch an oyster, cattle, cattle truck, caught by the short hairs, caulk, cavault, cavaulter, cavaulting, chain fuck, chain gang, chain sex, charge, charver, chauverer, chauvering-cove, chaver, christen the yak, chuck, chuck a tread, chunk, churn the butter, churning butter, churning the butter, click, clicket, climb, club, coit, Colonel Puck, colonial puck, colt, come about, conjugate, converse, cool out, copulate, couch, couple, cover, crack it, crack the belly, cram, crawl, cream, creep house, creep-joint, cuddle, cunt-tease, cunt-teaser, cunting, cure the horn, cut, dagger, dance in the sheets, dance the sheets, delivering the wood, devil, dig in the wiskers, dip the fly, dip the wick, do a dive in the dark, do a flop, do a leap, do a push, do a rudeness, do a spread, do a tumble, do a woman's job for her, do an inside worry, do number three, do one's kind, do over, do some good for yourself, do the chores, do the pussy, do the tube-snake boogey, dock, dog's rig, dork, drive it home, dunk the dingus, dunk the dolphin, ear, ease, ease nature, ease oneself, empty one's trash, endless belt, enjoy, enjoy a plaster of warm guts, estrus, fall in the furrow, feed somebody's monkey, feed the bearded clam, feed the beaver, feed the cat, feed the clam, feed the dumb glutton, feed the fish, feed the pussy, feeding the bearded clam, ferret, fettle, fidget the midget in Bridget, filling the box, fit ends, fix her plumbing, fix someone up, flesh, flesh it, flop in, fluff, fly jockey, foraminate, fore and aft, fork, Friar Tuck, frig, fuck like a bunny, fuck like a minx, fuck one's brains out, fucks like a minx, fucks like a rattlesnake, full of gism, furgle, gang bang, gang shag, gang shay, ganzabil, get a bellyful of marrow, get a bellyful of pudding, get a crumpet, get a wet bottorn, get about her, get home, get into somebody's pants, get on top of, get one's banana peeled, get one's end in, get one's end wet, get one's greens, get one's leather stretched, get one's nuts cracked, get one's oats, get one's oil changed, get ones rocks off, get some cunt, get some goose, get the sugar stick, get the upshot, get there, get through, give a thrill, give a woman a shot, give hard for soft, give her a length, give her a shot, give her a thrill, give her one, give him one, give it to (someone), give one a bone, give one a frigging, give one a screwing, give one a shot, give one a stab, give the dog a bone, give the ferret a run, glazing the donut, go beard-splitting, go bird's nesting, go bum-tickling, go bum-working, go bush-ranging, go cock-fighting, go cunny-catching, go doddling, go doodling, go fleshing it, go in and out like a fiddlers elbow, go leather-stretching, go like a belt-fed motor, go pile-driving, go prick-scouring, go quim-sticking, go rumping, go to Hairyfordshire, go to work with, go tromboning, go tummy tickling, go twat-faking, go up her like a rat up a drain, goose and duck, grabbing some snatch, greasing the pole, grind, grind it, grind one's tool, grummet, hair court, hammer, hammering, have a bit of cunt, have a bit of fluff, have a bit of mutton, have a bit of skirt, have a bit of split mutton, have a brush with the cue, have a double shot, have a live sausage for supper, have a poke, have hot pudding for supper, have it away with, have one's cut, have one's oats, have ones greens, hide the ferret, hide the weasel, high Texan, hit, hit the kitten, hive it, hog, hone, hop in the saddle, hop into the horses collar, hop on a babe, horry, horse-fuck, hot in the biscuit, hump, inch, introduce Charlie, introduce the captain, introduce the captain to his pie, jab, janney, jape, jazz, jazz-fiddle, jiggle, jing-jang, jingle-jangle, jive, job, jockum, Joe Buck, jog, joining faces, jolt, jottle, jounce, juggle, juke, jumble, kick it with, knob it, knock, knock it out, knock off a piece, knock up, knocker, knocking the bottom out of, lame duck, lap clap, lay, lay out, lay somebody, lay the hip, lay the leg, lay the wood, lay with the moon, leap, leather, Leather Lane, leg-lifter, lib, make a statement in tail, make feet for children's shoes, make feet for children's stockings, make one grunt, manhandle, mash the fat, meddle, mesh, molly, mount, mow, muddle, mump, naf, nail two bellies together, needle, nest in the bush, nidge, nig, niggle, nippy, nock, nodge, nug, panel house, paradise strokes, park the pink cadillac, park the porpoise, peel one's best end in, peg, penisize, phallate, pie, pile driving, plank, play at cock in cover, play cock in cover, play hide the hamster, play hide the salami, play hide the sausage, play hide the weenie, play in and out, play in the hay, play rub-belly, play the organ, play the trombone, play the two-back game, plonk, plough, plough the back forty, ploughing the furrow, plow, plug, plumb (her depths), poke, poke a stroke, poke in the whiskers, poke through the whiskers, poking the bearded triangle, poking the fire, poking the pork, pole, pole vault, pole work, poling, polish one's ass on the top sheet, pop, pop-a-chop, popping it in the toaster nut, pork, pound, pound leather, pound someone's ass, pound the ass, pound the butt, pound the cheeks, pound the mound, pound the pork, prang, pray with the knees upwards, pre-cum, punch, push, push in the truck, push on, put and take, put four corners on the spit, put it into, put it out of sight, put it to, put it to her, put the blocks to, put the devil into hell, putter in the hole, ram, ram your rod, ream, reeling in the fish, ride, ride the hobby horse, ride the spike, ride the wild pony, riding bareback, rip her guts down, rip off, rip off a quick piece, rob the cradle, rocks off, rodding, rodgering, rogering, roust, rout, rub leather, rub up, rumble, rummage, rump, rumple foreskin, Russian duck, ryde, sail into the wind, sard, saw off a chunk, saw off a piece, schtup, screw one's head off, screw the arse off, scrog, scuttle, see, see a man about a dog, see stars, sew up, shaft, shag, shag like a rattlesnake, shag your lugs off, shake, shake the sheets, sheltering under the pink umbrella, shit-fuck, shoot between wind and water, shoot blanks, shoot in the back, short strokes, shot betwixt wind and water, shoving the beaver with the lever, showering in a raincoat, shtup, sink the brown, sink the pink, sink the sub, sinking the pork sword, sinking the sausage, sinking the sub, skewer, skin the live rabbit, sklook, slam, slip a length, slip her a length, slip her a quick crippler, slip her one, slip in, snag, snib, snug, spear the bearded clam, spintra, spit, splat your fat, spreading the folds, square (someone's) circle, stab, stab in the thigh, stable-my-naggie, stand a push, stick, stitch, strap, stretch leather, strip one's tarse, strop one's beak, stub your chub, stuff a turkey, stup, subagitate, super J, sweep out the chimney, swinge, switchel, swive, tail one's guts out, take a turn in Cock Alley, take in beef, take in cream, take it in, take Nebuchadnezzar out to grass, take the starch out of, taking her temperature with a meat thermometer, tanpon it long, tear a piece of ass, tear off a piece (of ass), telophile, telophilia, tether one's nag, thesocratia, throw a bop into, throw a mean fuck, throw a screw into, throw a wicked fuck, throw one a hump, throw one's dagger, throwing the pork, throws a mean fuck, throws a wicked fuck, thrum, thrumster, thrust, thump, thumper, tickle, tickling the fancy, tillage, tilting, tip, tip the long one, tonk, trip down the mine shaft, triple header, trolley and truck, tromboning, trot out one's pussy, trouser serpent in the grass, twang, twat raking, ugly, up, up her way, up in you, vaginate, vault, venture, vinegar strokes, wallow, wap, warm one's bed, wedge, wet and willing, wet bottom, wet deck(s), wet one's wick, wet the worm, wetting the willy, whack it up, wick, wienering, wiggle, wild ride on the baloney pony, wreck a rectum, X-legged, yentz, yentzer, zinzanbruck, zooerotism, zorber

Quotes Containing copulating:
Det. MacArthur Stern (Gene Hackman) posing as Dr. Bolsef of the District of Columbia Health Department who wants to cite a couple for copulating without a condom in Loose Cannons (1990): ''I''m afraid I''ll hace to cite on under D .C. Statute 308 694 2-64.'' Regrettably, as it turns out , they''re all out of Indiscriminate Copulation Forms.

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