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Obsolete synonym for copulate . See copulation for synonyms.
Etymology: Derived from the French verb coucher meaning to put to bed .

Quote: William Shakespeare. The Merchant of Venice (1596). Gratiano: ' I should wish it dark / That I were couching with the doctor's clerk .'

See Also: couch, couch dance, eunuch, lost sex

Quotes Containing couch:
Amanda Penrose (Ann Sheridan) to Sylvia Fowler(Dolores Gray) in The Opposite Sex (1956): - Amanda : ''She''s a woman .'' - Sylvia: ''And what are we?'' - Amanda : ''Females. The lost-sex substituting fashion for passion and the analyst''s couch for the double bed .''
The Detainer (Daliah Lavi), strapped naked on a couch , and the short madman Dr. Noah (Woody Allen) in Casino Royale (1967): - Detainer: ''Do you treat all the girls you desire this way?'' - Dr. Noah: ''Yes, oh yes . I undress them and tie them up . I learned that in the Boy Scouts.'' Hairdresser Rita (Julie Walters) and a client in Educating Rita (1983): - Client: ''Is that a book you''re reading? (...) What''s it called?'' - Rita: ''Of Human Bondage.'' - Client: ''Yeah? My husband''s got a lot of books like that.'' - Rita: ''Somerset Maugham books?'' - Client: ''No, bondage books.''

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