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crack run:

Or: cracking , dated gay expression of the late 1960s meaning to masturbate the penis between and over the buttocks of the partner .
Synonyms: ski-up-and-down-Happy-Valley ; skinny rubbing.
See Also: athletic supporter, backeye slice, backeye slit, beaver loop, blacksmiths shop, broad smile, brownsward, bum cleavage, butt-crack, buttocks cleavage, crack Judy's teacup, crack salesman, cracking, cracking tool, crackish, crepitate, female gimcrack, foul line, home plate, lilies of the valley, make a milk run, make the milk run, reverse cleavage, riders, runs, the, ski up and down Happy Valley, Skinny rubbing, strawberry, Tijuana racetrack, tongue the tan track, tonguing the tan track, vertical grin

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