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Or: dom / dominator , the person who assumes a dominant or directorial role in sadomasochistic scenario.
Synonyms: active-partner ; corporalist ; left-hip-pocket ; maledom ; master ; sender; taskmaster ; top .
See Also: bdsm, BF, bitch goddess, blindfolding, bondage and discipline, bondager, bootlicking, bottom, bull-dicking, butch, cock of the walk, contrasexual, control scene, countess, D/s, daddy, depersonalization, discipliness, dom-sub, dominant, dominant bitch, dominate, domination, dominator, dominatrix, dominatrix bitch, domme, female dom, female dominant, female dominator, femdom, femdomme, goddess, into domination, jockey, lady, left hip pocket, male dominant, maledom, marquesa, master, pitcher, power exchange, princess, safeword, slavemaster, slaver, switch, switch-hitter, T & B, top, top man, total power exchange, train, tribology, versatile

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