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leg business:

In the 19 th century, sex or sexual-intercourse , based on a euphemistic displacement of the genitals . See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: ace queen, ass business, baby-split, bacon and eggs, bloomers, business, butter and cheesecake, callicnemic, chamber of commerce, cnemopalmia, cnemoscopy, cookie crumbs, cross-legged, crurocentric, crurofact, crurophilous, crurormia, depilation, Dutch pegs, flesh trade, gains, gam, gamb, gape, get a shot of leg, ham and eggs, in the biz, in the business, in the line, Irish legs, lallies, leg, leg man, leg restraint, leg spreader, leg stretcher, leggy, lift a leg, limb, mumbley pegs, Mystic Megs, on the block, on the business, pegs, pillars to the temple, pins, pubic area, sexciting, sinful commerce, spreader bar, stems, syntribadism, syntribate, TCB, tibiocontrectation, tough shit!, tough titties!, wooden pegs, X-legged

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