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1. A man between two women.

2. A act of sex involving three people in a layered fashion, a sexual threesome , two women and one man , two men copulating the vagina and rectum of a woman , three men engaged in a chain of anal-intercourse with the middle man being passive and active at the same time, or two men, one from the front, the other from the rear , simultaneously penetrating the anus of a third man .
Synonyms: chance-sandwich ; club-sandwich ; cluster fuck ; design-for-living ; double-peptide ; flesh-sandwich ; ménage à trois; Oreo-cookie ; sausage-sandwich ; séance-à-trois ; three-decker ; three-high ; three-hole-activities ; three-in-a-bed : three-layer-cake ; threesies ; three-way ; three-way-split ; three-way-swing ; threesome ; triple-shag .
See also: cicisbeism ; double-entry ; Three-P ; three-way-woman .

Quote: From Bulletproof (1997): Adam Sandler and Charlie , a hotel clerk:
-- Adam : ' What do you think? Me, you, the old lady? A little sandwich action .'
-- Clerk: ' What do you mean? '
-- Adam : ' Come on . You're a piece of white bread , she's a piece of white bread , I'm the salami ; let's give it a shot .'

3. The passive-partner , male or female, in a threesome , the meat between the two slices of bread .

See Also: 3P, bacon, breakfast of champion, bum bacon, butter churn, chance sandwich, chicken-on-a-spit, club sandwich, cluster-fuck, college fuck, college style, design for living, double adapter, double peptide, double-entry, English method, flesh sandwich, foursome, gang sex, group sex, leggins, lucky Pierre, menage a trois, moresome, Oreo cookie, Peter, Paul, and Mary, pull a train, pulling the train, séance à trois, sandwich, sausage sandwich, three decker, three high, Three P, three-hole activities, three-in-a-bed, three-layer cake, three-way, three-way split, three-way swing, threesies, threesome, triolism, triple shag, troilism, tuna, tuna sandwich

Quotes Containing sandwich:
From Bulletproof (1997): Adam Sandler and Charlie , a hotel clerk: - Adam : ''What do you think? Me, you, the old lady? A little sandwich action.'' - Clerk: ''What do you mean?'' - Adam : ''Come on . You''re a piece of white bread , she''s a piece of white bread , I''m the salami ; let''s give it a shot.''
Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) to Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) in When Harry Met Sally (1989): ''I love that you get cold when it''s 71 out . I love that you take an hour and a half to order a sandwich . I love that you get-a-little crinkle above your nose when you look on me like I''m nuts . I love that after I spend a day with you I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it''s not because I''m lonely. And it''s not because it''s New Year''s Eve. I came here tonight because when you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with someboby, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.''

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