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What the fuck!:

An exclamation of:
(1) Surprise.
(2) Wonderment.
(3) Resignation.
(4) In Usenet chat rooms, sometimes written: wat da phuk / whafuck, and abbreviated WTF.
QUOTE-1: 'Every now and then say: 'What the fuck!' 'What the fuck' gives you freedom, freedom brings you opportunity, opportunity makes your future.' Miles (Curtis Armstrong) to Joel Goodsen (Tom Cruise) in Risky Business(1983).
QUOTE-2: 'So long as somebody gets a laugh out of it, what the fuck?' Frank Zappa
See Also: 3-Fs / Three Fs / THREE Fs, 4-F(s) / Four F(s) / FOUR F(s), 4-Fer / 4-F-er, 4-Fs / Four Fs / FOUR F'S, 4-K / 4K, 4-letter word / four-letter word, 4QU2 / 4Q2, a.f.o. / A.F.O., AFU, all-she-needs-is-a-good-fuck, Anglo-Saxon monosyllable, arse-fuck, as all fuck, as fuck / like fuck / than fuck, ASAFP, ass fuck(ing) / anal fuck(ing), ass-fucker, asshole fucking, Aylesbury Duck, base-fuck, begat, BF, BFD / B.F.D., BFE / Butt Fuck Egypt, BFI, Big Fucking Deal / BFD, Bigsix, bleep, bom, bong fucked, boring as fuck, buddy-fuck, buddy-fuck week, bufu, bug-fucker / bugfucker, Bum Fuck Egypt, bum-fuckidus, Bumble Fuck Egypt, butt fuck / buttfuck, Butt Fuck Egypt / BFE, butt-fuck buddy, CABFU, Captain Fuckit / Cap'n Fuck-It, cattle truck, chinga su madre, Chuck you, Farley!, cluster fuck / clusterfuck, cluster-fuck party, Cogito, ergo est, Coito, ergo sum, Colonel Puck, colonial puck, come-fuck-me eyes, come-fuck-me's, COMMFU, crazy as fuck, DFL, Dial 3-8-2-5, DILLIGAF, Don't fuck with me / my / the / it..., Donald Duck, double fuck, drop an / the F-bomb, drug-fucked, ducking the fog, dumb fuck / dumbfuck, dumb-fuckery, east butt-fuck, ebony fuck, eff / effing, Eff off!, effing around, F factor, the, F**K, F-A-B, F-all / f-all, F-him / F-her, F-ing, F-off / f-off, F-plan, F-U2, F-word, F-you!, F.I.N.E., F.O., F.U. / FU, F.U.C.K. / FUCK, faceless fuck, fact, Fanfuckingtastic! / Fan-fucking-tastic, fank you, FEAR, feck, ferk / firk, fetish fuck, FF, FFF, FFRD, FFS / ffs, fickey fick, fico, fiddle-fuck (around) / fiddlefuck (around), fiddle-fuck / fiddlefuck, FIGJAM, FIIK, Findum Fuckum & Flee, finger scale, firk / ferk, firkin(g), fish, fist-fuckee, fist-fucker, fist-fucking, fisting / fist-fucking, FK, FKS, flak, flicking, flipping, fluff, fluff off!, flying fuck, FMH, FNG(s), FNT, FOAD, FOC, focal, focative, FOFN, foken / fokken, follow me and fuck-me shoes, fork, Fork you!, fotuere, FOUR F(s) / Four F(s) / 4-F(s), FOUR FS / Four F's / 4-Fs, four-letter word / 4-letter word, foutre, Fox Oscar!, frap, freaking, French-fried-fuck, freshman fuckbook, Friar Tuck, frick / fricking, frig / frigging, FTA, FTL, FTW, FUB, FUBAB, FUBAR, FUBB, FUBIO, FUBIS, fuccant, Fuck 'em all bar/but six (and they can be the pallbearers), Fuck 'em all!, Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke, Fuck 'n' Roll, fuck (someone's) ass out, fuck (someone's) brains out, fuck (someone) blue, fuck (someone) over, fuck a woodpile on the chance there's a snake in it, He'd, fuck and run guy, fuck and suck flick, fuck anything (fill in the blanks), fuck anything that moves, I/he/she'll, fuck anything with a crack, Fuck art, let's dance, fuck ebony, fuck eye, the, fuck feast, fuck fetish, fuck flaps, Fuck for Peace Campaign, fuck her while she's still hot, fuck in the ass, fuck in the brown, fuck in the face, fuck in the head, fuck in the mouth, fuck in the teeth, fuck it!, fuck like a champ, fuck like a rabbit, fuck like a stoat, fuck like bunnies, fuck like minxs, fuck machine, fuck Mary Palm (and her (four) sisters), Fuck me hard! / Fuck me harder (and no lubricants), Fuck me if I'm wrong, but isn't your name Gretchen, Fuck me plenty!, Fuck me!, Fuck me! said the Duchess more in hope than in anger, fuck Mrs. Palmer, fuck nob / fucknob, fuck of the (fill in the blank), fuck off, Fuck off and die!, fuck pig / fuckpig, fuck pixs / fuck pixes / fuck pics / fuck pictures, fuck site(s), fuck spider, Fuck that/this for a game of soldiers!, fuck the dog (and sell the pups), fuck the rest, Fuck U / FUCK U / Fuck U-niversity / Fuck University, fuck up / fuck-up, fuck up the ass, FUCK UTU / FUCK U-2 / FUCK U2, fuck where the devil fears to tread, fuck with, Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!, Fuck you!, fuck-a-buck, Fuck-a-duck! / Fuck a duck!, fuck-a-licious / fuckalicious, fuck-a-thon / fuckathon, Fuck-A-Vision / fuckavision, fuck-all, fuck-buddy, fuck-fest / fuckfest, fuck-fist, fuck-focused eroticism, fuck-free, fuck-happy, fuck-happy rabbit, fuck-hole / fuckhole, fuck-ism / fuckism, fuck-log, fuck-me eyes, fuck-me pumps, fuck-me shoes, fuck-monster, fuck-o-meter, fuck-o-rama, fuck-off money, fuck-off slippers, fuck-offs, fuck-up quotient, fuck-you money, fuck-your-buddy week, fuck-yourism, fucka, fuckability, fuckabilly, Fuckadilla, fuckard, fuckaus, fuckball, fucked, fucked by the fickle finger of fate, fucked over, fucked up, fucked up and far from home, fucked without getting kissed, fucken / fuckin' / fuck'n, fucker, fucking, Fucking A, fucking asshole, Fucking hell!, fucking the dog, fucking the pink, fucking the thighs, fuckle, fucknik, fuckology, fuckshitwankcunts, Fuckstones, The, fuckstrated, fuckwank, fuckwithable, fuckwittage / fuckwittery, fuckwittery / fuckwittage, fucla, fucus, fug / fugging, fugle, fugly, FUJIGMO, fuk / fukin, Fuking / Fukin, fukka, fukkit, FUKKN, fulke, full of fuck, FUMTU, funch, Funfuckingtastic!, FUQ, Fuque you!, futter, futuere, futz, futzing around, Fuuuuuuuck!, fuzzy fuck, fvk / FVK, FYFI, gang-fuck, George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words, get fucked, Get the fuck outa here, GFF, GFO, GFU, Give me a fucking break!, give-a-fuck, GMFU, Go fuck yourself! / Go get fucked!, goatfuck / goat fuck, goose and duck, GPU, hard as fuck, Hawaiian muscle fuck, head fuck / headfuck, HFH, hit and run fuck, bing bang, thank you, ma'am (kind of guy), I (just) don't give a fuck, I'm too fucking busy, and vice versa, IFO, IMFU, Infamous Seven Words, infucktion, International fuck-your-buddy week, JAFU, JANFU, Joe Buck, Kenifa Kerr, Kenny Fakur, kick the fuck out of (someone), Kinnell!, Kung Fuck Master, lame duck, like fuck / as fuck, like old people fuck, mercy fuck / pity fuck, mind fuck, mouth fuck(ing), Mrs. Duckett, naff / NAFF, NFG, NFI, NFW, not give a (flying) fuck, not-to-be-fucked-with, O.F.D.s, Only the best, fuck the rest, pfc, pheasant plucker, Phu Q / Phu-Q, phuc, phucque / phucque 2 / PhuhKue, phuk / phuking, Phukett, phuque / PhuQue, Phuque ewe, Phuque Hugh Tu / phuque UTU / phuque U2, phuque U / phuque kew, pity fuck / mercy fuck, play fiddly-fuck, prestige fuck / status fuck, punch fucking, push in the truck, quick fuck, R.A.F., rat fuck, RFF, roasted duck, RTFM, rubber duck, Russian duck, SAPFU, Scare the living fuck out of (someone), Seduce my ancient footwear!, Seven Deadly Words, Seven Dirty Words, The, Seven No-No's, shitty fuck / muddy fuck, sick fuck, skull-fuck, smeg, SNAFU, SNEFU, STFB, STFU, suckum fuckum movie, SUSFU, sweet F.A. / sweet fuck-all, sweet fuck-all / sweet F.A., TAFUBAR, Take a flying fuck (at/through a rolling doughnut/donut), TARFU, TFTF, The Big F, The Big Space Fuck, the bird / the birdie, The Capital F, The fuck off!, THREE Fs / Three Fs / 3-Fs, TMF, TMFA, tongue-fuck, trolley and truck, uck-fay, UFO, ugly verb, the, unfuck, V sign, the, vitamin F, WFW, What the fuck!, Who do I have to fuck to (fill in the blank)?, Who gives a (flying) fuck!, WOFTAM, WTF / wtf, WTFRU, Yuck Foo, zinzanbruck, zipless fuck

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