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Modern usage for an unattractive male. He's such a barney . Antonym: baldwin .
See also: betty .
See Also: baldwin, barney, betty, fucking, good-time Charlie, hump, humping

Quotes Containing barney:
Elaine Navazio (Sally Kellerman) and Barney Cashman (Alan Arkin) in Last of the Red Hot Lovers (1972). Elaine is Barney''s first of three unsuccessful attempts at middle-age, extra-marital sex . - Elaine:''Is it possible that you''re actually as cold as you sound?'' - Barney:''I need gloves to take off my underwear .'' - Elaine: ''Flippant, wise and cold . You don''t permit yourself to be honest and open for a minute, do you?'' - Barney:''Barney, I''m gonna give you one free hint so the afternoon isn''t a total write off . If you want undying love and romance , take a guitar and go to Spain. I''m leaving for good. My peek has ebbed.'' - Elaine: ''Cold, callous and unemotional.'' - Barney:''Those are my attorneys. You know where to get in touch with me.''
Humping (Robert Gwaltney) and Barney (Paul Rodriguez) in The Whoopee Boys (1986): - Humping: ''I''m Humping, the butler.'' - Barney: ''Oh, yeah? So who''s fucking the maid?''

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