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closet gay:

In gay terminology:

1. A male homosexual who suppresses his sexual-orientation or hides it from his friends, his family , and the public.

2. An inactive or latent male homosexual .

3. More rarely, a male who dresses in female clothing, a secret cross-dresser or transvestite .

4. A male who has occasional homosexual sex but tells himself and others that he is straight .
Synonyms: canned-fruit ; closet-case ; closet-queen ; closet-queer ; dry-queen ; hidden-queen .
See also: cedarchest-sissy ; crushed-fruit ; pink-tea ; undercover-fag ; undercover-punk ; undercover-sissy .

See Also: abyss, advertising bar, angel with a dirty face, babette, badido, barfairy, bona omi, breeder, bring out (of the closet), brownie queen, bun woman, bust one's beads, canned fruit, chicken-little, chicken-with-a-basket, closet case, closet queen, closet queer, closet, the, closeted, commercial queer, confirmed bachelor, covert homosexual, dangle queen, dizzy-queen, Dowager Queen, dry queen, dunny, eyeball the back of the closet door, French revolution, gay in the legs, gay liberation, gay rights, gay-leria, gaydom, girl scout, glory hole sex, go public, hidden queen, in the closet, iron closet, jump out with both feet, let one's hair down, limp-wristed, Nora Naugahide, out, outed, pissy queen, poodle queen, privy queen, puppy flesh, queerie, sister act, snow queen, Stonewall Uprising, The, stool pigeon, suck-queen, tavern maid, tea dance, tenderfoot, throne queen, Toilet Tessie, tourist, valley of tears, vanilla queen, W.C., washroom faggot, water chestnut, wear a mourning veil

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