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coital alignment technique:

Or: C.A.T. / CAT , a coital-position for heterosexual copulation described by Roger Libby in Sex from Aah to Zipper (1993)as: ' ...the man is above the woman at a tilted angle with his head to the left of hers, and where both lovers rock back and forth rather than thrusting .' The Web site ESTRONAUT (A Forum for Women's Health) diescribes it so: ' CAT is basically a revised missionary-position , with the man on top and face to face with his partner (CAT can be done with the woman on top , too). What's different is that the man has vaginal sex with his partner from a higher angle than usual, thrusting pressure on the woman's clitoris while he enters and re-enters her in response to her pelvic thrusts. The man enters initially from between the woman's legs which are apart and slightly bent , but then lifts himself further up the length of her body so that his thrusts make contact with her clitoris .'
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