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coital position:

Or: coital-posture / intercourse-position / lovemaking-position / sex-position / sexual-position , any position assumed by a couple for copulation .
Synonyms: coithesis ; figurae-veneris . Theoretically, there could be countless sexual-positions, not just 36, 101 or 1001, but all would fall into four basic categories: man-on-top, woman-on-top, side-by-side, or rear-entry ; these could be performed lying down , sitting, standing , kneeling, or any combination of these.
NOMENCLATURE: A-buck (anal); knee trembler; backswing (anal); beast-with-two-backs ; belly-up ; bottom's-up (anal); bumper-to-bumper (vulvas); bung-upwards ; Chinese-fashion ; Chinese-style ; coital-alignment-technique ; coitus-wheel ; the conjugal ordinary; cowgirl (style); the cowgirl ; croupade ; cuissade ; dog-style ; dog-fashion ; dog-ways , doggie-style ; dorsal-ventral-position ; figura-veneris-prima ; genupectoral ; Lassie-fashion ; mammalian-position ; man-above-position ; man-on-top-position ; mish ; missionary-position ; momma-pappa-position ; old-fashioned-way ; rear-entry ; side-by-side-position ; spoons ; sunnyside-up (anal); ventral-ventral-position ; woman-on-top-position .


(1) Rajah (Nigel de Brulier), the astrologer, and Tira (Mae West) in I'm No Angel (1933):
-- Raajah: ' I see a new position for you .'
-- Tira: ' Sitting or reclining? '

(2) John Buckner (Kieffer Sutherland) to Huey Walker (Dennis Hopper) in Flashback (1989):-- John: 'Assume the position .'-- Huey: 'Which one did you have in mind? '

(3) Mac (Gene Hackman) to Reva (Nancy Travis) in Loose Cannons (1990):-- Mac: ' Assume the position .' -- Reva: 'This is the position you meant, right? I watch American TV . At least you didn't say spread 'em .'

See Also: abnormal presentation, assume the position, bear play, beast with two backs, belly-up, bump bellies, bung upwards, C.A.T., californicate, catch a sixty-nine, Chinese fashion, Chinese style, clinovalent, coital alignment technique, coital position, coital posture, coithesis, coitus wheel, come-by-chance, copulatory, cowgirl, croupade, cuissade, devil's kiss, do a back fall, do a perpendicular, dog fashion, dog style, dog ways, doggie style, doggy style, doggy ways, doing a perpendicular, dorsal-ventral position, figura veneris prima, figurae veneris, genupectoral, intercourse position, Lassie fashion, linguistic exercise, lovemaking position, making bishops, man-above position, man-below position, missionary position, momma-pappa position, old fashioned way, position, position for coitus, receive holy communion, sex position, sexobatics, sexual position, sexual variety, side-by-side position, six à neuf, sixty-nine queen, spoons, spread eagle, stasivalence, stickspin, telophilia, thesocratia, tit-up, upavishta, ventral-ventral position, Venus aversa, Venus observa, Veronica's veil, woman-on-top position

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