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sex position:

Or: coital-posture / coital-position / intercourse-position / lovemaking-position / sexual-position , any position assumed by a couple for copulation . Theoretically, there could be countless sexual-positions, not just 36, 101 or 1001, but all would fall into four basic categories: man-on-top, woman-on-top, side-by-side, or rear-entry ; these could be performed lying down , sitting, standing , kneeling, or any combination of these.

Synonyms: coithesis ; figurae-veneris .

NOMENCLATURE: A-buck (anal); knee trembler; backswing (anal); beast-with-two-backs ; belly-up ; bottom's-up (anal); bumper-to-bumper (vulvas); bung-upwards ; Chinese-fashion ; Chinese-style ; coital-alignment-technique ; coitus-wheel ; the conjugal ordinary; cowgirl (style); the cowgirl ; croupade ; cuissade ; dog-style ; dog-fashion ; dog-ways , doggie-style ; dorsal-ventral-position ; figura-veneris-prima ; genupectoral ; Lassie-fashion ; mammalian-position ; man-above-position ; man-on-top-position ; mish ; missionary-position ; momma-pappa-position ; old-fashioned-way ; rear-entry ; side-by-side-position ; spoons ; sunnyside-up (anal); ventral-ventral-position ; woman-on-top-position .

A Guide to Sexual Positions: ( http://dizzydee.net/tutor/pos/positions.htm ).


(1) Rajah (Nigel de Brulier), the astrologer, and Tira (Mae West) in I'm No Angel (1933):
-- Raajah: ' I see a new position for you .'
-- Tira: ' Sitting or reclining? '

(2) John Buckner (Kieffer Sutherland) to Huey Walker (Dennis Hopper) in Flashback (1989):
-- John: 'Assume the position .'
-- Huey: 'Which one did you have in mind? '

(3) Mac (Gene Hackman) to Reva (Nancy Travis) in Loose Cannons (1990):
-- Mac: ' Assume the position .'
-- Reva: 'This is the position you meant, right? I watch American TV . At least you didn't say spread 'em .'

See Also: 69, 69er, abnormal presentation, assume the position, bear play, bump bellies, bumper-to-bumper, bung upwards, californicate, catch a sixty-nine, Chinese fashion, Chinese style, clinovalent, coital alignment technique, coital position, coital posture, coithesis, coitus wheel, conjugal ordinary, the, contrary sex, copulatory, count ceiling tiles, cowgirl, croupade, cuissade, daddle, deadlier of the species, devil's kiss, do a back fall, do a perpendicular, doggies, doing a perpendicular, dorsal-ventral position, drop the soap, figura veneris prima, figurae veneris, genupectoral, intercourse position, linguistic exercise, lovemaking position, making bishops, man-above position, man-below position, mish, missionary position, momma-pappa position, old fashioned way, pick up the soap, position, position for coitus, receive holy communion, route 69, route sixty-nine, rub bellies, sex position, sexobatics, sexual position, sexual variety, side-by-side position, six à neuf, sixty-nine, sixty-nine queen, sixty-niner, spoons, spread eagle, square, stand up job, stasivalence, stickspin, thesocratia, tightbuck, tit-up, transexion, upavishta, ventral-ventral position, weaker vessel, the, woman-on-top position

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