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dead eye dick:

Or: deadeye-dick :

1. Derogatory designation for a male homosexual viewed as a sodomite .

2. An active-partner in anal copulationm, based on dead eye , a slang for the anus . See sodomite for synonyms

See Also: banjo eyes, bug eyes, bugging eyes, cinch, clap eyes on, clap one's eyes on, clockers, cock eyes, Columbus circle, cut out the eye chatter, dead cert, dead easy, dead eye dick, deadeye, deadeye dick, deadlights, dick head, dick wad, dick weed, dick-drinker, Dickless Tracy, DSL, flickers, flukers, front windows, gimlet eyes, glass eyes, glaziers, gleeps, goggle eyes, goggles, iris, killers, lamps, lay eyes on, lay one's eyes on, lead-pipe cinch, lens, lights, Little Dickie, luminaries, make bedroom eyes at, make eyes at, mince pies, mud pies, Nelly Blighs, oculars, oculii, ommatophobia, ommetaphobia, optophobia, orbits, peekers, peepholes, peeps, piercers, pincers, pork packer, queer peepers, Richard, saucer eyes, saucers, set eyes on, sights, skylights, slanters, spotters, squinters, starry orbs, swivel eyes, top lights, turn handstands, twinkers, weepers, windows

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