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fit end to end:

Or: fit-ends , To have sexual-intercourse . Dated, C19 th British usage. See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: abdominal abortion, abortion rate, absolute divorce, alpha and omega, athletic supporter, back end, backside, bad breaker-upper, basket weaving, behind, bell, bikini, boodle, bowls from both ends, box unseen, boxer shorts, boxers, braces, break up, break wind, bridle string, bun-pressers, burner, bust up, busted coupling, bustle, Cadbury cul-de-sac, call it a day, call it quits, capris, cat-o-nine-tails, caudal, cheesy bell-end, cluster, coccyx, come out of confinement, come-fuck-me's, commoner, commoner of the camp, constable, cum drum, cumdrum, cut loose, date rape, deep into leather, dissolve partnership, do the splits, double dong, double dude, Dreadnought, dual dildo, dump, end, end pleasure, ex it, female condom, fit end to end, flogger, fore-pleasure, fourchette, French tickler, gamester, gammon, get laid, get out from under, gooseberry maker, grill, heartbreaker, heavy date, heavy leather, hind end, hinder entrance, hindside, hysteroscopy, ladies' lollipop, laid, leg spreader, leg stretcher, lollipop, lollypop, mackintosh fun, male menopause, matchrupt, moonlighting, nether eye, peck, piss broken glass, piss pins and needles, piss razor blades, poke pants, pokes, proud, riders, run with the world, safeword, scurvy end, split up, spreader bar, starter marriage, switch, take someone, tasty-cover(s), teat, ticklers, tipout, uncouple, VICSS, w/e, well-endowed, wench of the game, wolfbagging, wrecktangle, X-it, XXX, yellow

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