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go steady:

To have a regular and exclusive boyfriend or girlfriend . To go steady with , means to date only that person (to be committed to that person), not to be confused with: to go-around-with meaning to date someone casually; to go-out-with meaning to date that person seriously (or regularly); or: to go-with , to have sexual-intercourse with someone.
See also: date .
See Also: 9 to 5, 9-5-er, Adam-and-Eveing, arm-in-arming, biggest enthusiasm, cupiding, date, defecation, desperation number, donar, dueting, favorite dish, go around with, go commando, go out with, go steady, go with, main dish, man-and-womanizing, nine-to-five, nine-to-fiver, preferred stock, sparking, steady, sweethearting, table-for-twoing

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