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have an affair with:

1. To have sexual-intercourse with someone. See copulation for synonyms.

2. To have a romantic or sexual relation with a married person. See affair for synonyms.

Quote: Shirlee Kenyan (Dolly Parton) hosting a radio call-in show in Straight Talk (1992): ' Now let me get this straight . You got a wife and you got a girlfriend in the office? Did you say your name was Bud or Stud? I'm sorry, but it sounds to me like you're living your life so crooked you have to screw your socks on . Having an affair is like shooting pool on two tables. You may have the balls , Bud, but you're gonna wear out your stick .'

See Also: a bit on the side, abnormal forms, acanthophallic, acomoclitic, acomovulvate, acrorthosis, acrotomophile, acucullophallic, aculeophallic, adulterous affair, adventure, affair, affair of love, affair of the heart, affaire d'amour, affaire de coeur, aged, alley queen, amour, amourette, anal impotence, anorchid, baby-faced, backed up, backstair affair, balls like a scoutmaster, bimboid, bit on the side, blah-faced, bottle-ass, bringing oneself off, broad in the beam, broad-beamed, bromidrophobia, bromidrosiphobia, buddy booths, buggered and bewildered, bushie mall, callibombe, callicnemic, callicolpos, callicunnate, callifemoral, callimammapygian, callimastian, calliphallic, calliphygian, callipomate, callipygette, callipygian, callisphyrous, callisural, callitrichous, callomania, carry a bundle, carry on, carrying on an affair, carrying on with someone, cat around, catting on, caught in flagrante, cheating, chippy on, cock-happy, coitus adulterinus, consultation with the Third World, copping, courtesan fantasy, cow-cunted, cucumber queen, cum dodger, deformity fetishism, discussing East Africa, doing the thang, double cross, double dealing, double fire, double payment, double up on, double-clock, East African affairs, enjoy favors, enosiophobia, entertaining royalty, eternal triangle, extramarital affair, extramarital sex, fan one's ass, fan one's pussy, fans her pussy, fart around, fat-ass, flat-chested, fling, flirtation, fool around (with), fooling around, free loving, fuck around, fucking around, get your end away, getting a bit on the side, getting bent, getting it on the side, getting laid, getting off, getting some on the side, getting your leg-over, girlish, give up rhythm, go on a fishing expedition, have a roving eye, have an affair with, having a bit, having a technicolor laugh, having a technicolor yawn, having a technicolor yodel, having sex, hint of lavender, hint of mint, hit the triangle, illicit affair, illicit liaison, illicit relationship, illicit romance, infected, ithyphallophobia, kidding around, lard ass, left-handed honeymoon, leggy, les-be-friends, liaison, likes it wet, limp-wristed, love affair, love cracked, make time with, marathon, messing around, moll about in the head, moonlighting, mucking around, nancy boy, off-color, offshore drilling, on the razzle, on the side, open marriage, other woman, the, pachyhymenia, perv about, perv around, piquant, pitching a tent in one's shorts, play around (with), play checkers, play the field, playing around, polygamy, put horns on, put it about, quickie station, riding in another mans saddle, romantic affair, scrotal, scutz around, sextractive, shoot the thrill, sleep around, sotto voce affair, stepping out on, streamlined, studly, tail-femme, teated, temuvalent, teretophallic, three-time, trick-out, tripsolagnia, troilist, twosies, Ugandan affairs, Ugandan discussions, unholy wedlock, weak sister, working late at the office, wrecktangle, zoolinction

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