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into the trade:

Or: in-the-trade , engaged in-the-life or business of prostitution . See prostitution for synonyms.
See Also: 606, A-200, a2m, Accu-Jac, Acyvir, adult entertainment center, ass-to-mouth, bag bride, beef burger, big tender, boong-moll, brothel, bubby trader, car-hop, chicklet, Chin Dildo, Chinese Love Beads, client, closed door, closed swinging, Clovix, clubhouse, commercial body worker, commercial sex worker, cornhole palace, cottage, cruise, cull, custom-house, dame de voyage, dibucaine hydrochloride, do the milk run, Drury Lane vestal, Enovid, erection maintainer, erection medicine, fare, Fleet Street dove, Fleet Street houri, fork, Fourex, glad bag, greenhouse, grinder, hawk, hawk the fork, hawk the mutton, hide the candy, ho stroll, hooker's beat, in the trade, into the trade, Kwell, Lice-Enz, line, lonelyhearts' club, long pole, long pork, luncheonette, make a milk run, make the milk run, marble palace, meatball, messer, money trick, Nix, oldest profession, oldest trade, on the game, Oriental Love Beads, patron, penile colony, piper, rock whore, Rohypnol, rounder, Siamese Strings, Silastic, skeezer, strawberry, street girl, String of Pearls, stringer, stroll, stunt cock, T-room, talk game, tea room, tea room trade, teahouse, teahouse of the August moon, tearoom, tearoom trade, TOS, trade, trailer girl, troll, trolling the toilet, Viagra, wench of the game, window-tapping, womanhood, work

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