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into leather:

To favor sadomasochistic sex and/or to wear leather clothing and gear .
See Also: abrasion, armbinders, Back Drop (Club), ball collar, ball gag, ball restraint ring, ballbag, bar, bastinado, bdsm, biker, binding, blindfold, blue handkerchief, bondage and torture, bondage harness, budget, buff skin, buff-bare, bugskin, bullwhip, cat-o-nine-tails, cock and ball bondage, cock and ball harness, cock block, cock harness, cock strap, cockring, collar, collar and lead, cuff, cuffs, deep into leather, dermophiliac, dominatrix, doraphilia, fanny magnet, fetish, fetish clothing, fetish wear, geography, grummet, heavy leather, hood, horizontal bra, hyphephilia, into leather, leather, leather dresser, leather dyke, leather film, Leather Lane, leather merchant, leather stretcher, Nora Naugahide, strap, tawse, twirl the pearls, vertical bra, whip

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