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interrupted coitus:

Or: coitus-interruptus , a doubtful contraceptive method consisting in withdrawing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation . Although it is the oldest known form of contraception, withdrawal is unreliable as a birth-control method; it is considered, at best, 75% effective because seminal-fluid may be emitted without sensation before ejaculation .
ETYMOLOGY: From the Latin coitus , copulation , and interruptus , interrupted.
SYNONYMS: get off/out at... / jump-off/out-at... , to practice coitus-interruptus , the withdrawal-method of contraception, by withdrawing or getting-off one station before destination.
-- get off/out at Haymarket (the last stop before Edinburgt Waverley (Central) station)
-- get off/out at Broadgreen (the station before Edge Hill, Liverpool)
-- get off/out at Edge Hill (the station before Liverpool Lime street)
-- get off/out at Gateshead (the station before Mewcastle)
-- get off/out at Hillgate
-- get off/out at Paisley (the station before Glasgow Central)
-- get off/out at Redfern (the last station before Sydney Central, Australia)
-- leave-before-the-gospel .
SYNONYMS: French-method ; interrupted coitus ; onanism ; pulling-out ; swerve; withdrawal-method .
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