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involved with:

1. To have a relationship with.

2. To have-sexual-relations-with . See copulation for synonyms.

See Also: 18 USC CHAPTER 110, abscess, acceptive phase, active sexual trauma, ambisexual, analinctus, andrologist, Arabian Goggles, arts, autosadism, avisodomy, badger, be intimate with, beard, beating fantasies, bigamous, birthday party, blood sports, case, CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, circle fuck, circus love, coitus innuptus, coprophagia, couch audition, country marriage, croupade, daisy chain, defemination, depersonalization, English cultures, English guidance, English vice, eternal triangle, front door work, funk-a-thon, genital intercourse, getting down, globus hystericus, golden shower, gynaecologist, gynecologist, hemerotism, hypersexual, in the game, in the life, leg over situations, life, mackintosh fun, maladie anglaise, on the job, oralism, Oreo cookie, outercourse, penile-vaginal, penoanal, penoanal intercourse, penovaginal, penovaginal intercourse, piss freak, piss play, piss-lover, sausage sandwich, sex organs, sexual behavior, sexual organs, shebang, spinal reflex, terror play, threesome, transgenderism, transvestic fetishism, trapeze artist, triangle, triple header, Trois, Les, unattached, urethral eroticism, urinism, urophile, vampire sex, vampirism, vanilla and chocolate, vice anglais, water sports, wet fun, wet sex, wet times, wrecktangle

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