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meat market:

1. A place , such as a singles-bar , where one can meet and pick-up sexual partners; not to be confused with meat-house , a brothel .

QUOTE: Murray (Jay O . Sanders) to his girlfriend V.I. Warshawski (Kathleen Turner) in V.I. Warshawski (1991): 'You picked up some guy at that meat market!? '

2. Or: meat-loaves , one of many food terms associated with the female breasts. See breasts for synonyms and euphemisms.

See Also: aching for a side of beef, bargain basement, black meat, blind piece, carnophobia, dark meat, dead meat, DINKS, home health massager, light meat, meat, meat axe, meat cleaver, meat dagger, meat loaves, meat market, take the meat out, whip whistle, white meat, wifeable

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