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pass urine:

To urinate. See urination for synonyms.
See Also: 17-hydroxycorticosteroid, anuresis, anuria, bacilluria, bacteriuria, behavioral transsexualism, bladder, chamber lye, champagne, cold tea, cousin sis, curb service, cystitis, diuretic, golden screw, golden shower, Hidden Bite, hygrophilia, Inter faeces et urinem nascimur, lemon juice, lemonade, long tea, Mickey Bliss, osphresiophilia, pass through the fire, pee, piddle, piss freak, piss-lover, snake's hiss, tea voider, tempasthenic, thirsty, tiki, tinkler-belle, trichomoniasis, urban legend, urethra, urinary bladder, urolagnia, urophobia, uroscopy, watercasting, whoof

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