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straight lay:

(An act of) sexual-intercourse between a man and a woman . See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: angel food, ben's gran, bitched, buggered, and bewildered, breeder fish, bullfuck, butch cut, cable laying, career boy, Chinese fashion, Chinese style, clap eyes on, clap one's eyes on, clinovalent, clock, cohabitation, concubine, confirmed bachelor, couple friend, dock, extras, fruit-picker, gay bachelor, gay for pay, get layed, hettie, homo-lover, jaihouse turnout, lay, lay a cable, lay cable, lay eyes on, lay one's eyes on, layed, long lie, love lane, Norman Normal, old fashioned, phallic decorum, regular trick, right-handed, set eyes on, spoon fashion, spoons, square up, str, straight date, straight trick, three bags full, thyrsos, trans-fag, tranz-fag, X-ey

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