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variant sexual behavior:

Or: sexual-variance , the term preferred by sexperts for sexual-behaviors considered unconventional. This nonjudgmental, descriptive term was adopted to replace negative, prejudicial, or derogatory expressions such as abnormal , unnatural , deviant , or perverted.

SEE ALSO: deviance ; deviant-sexual-behavior ; sexual-deviance .

See Also: aberrant sex, achilous, acral, activating effects, aidomania, alternately gendered, ambiguous gender, atypical sexual behavior, autoscophilia, autoscopophilia, bi-gendered, bi-sexuality, bigendered, blue discharge, boyzzz, bumbo, busbus, camel toes, crosswired, deviance, deviant, deviant sexual behavior, deviate, deviation, dish dirt, figger, gender outlaw, gynemimism, heterosexuality, hoyden, hyperfemininity, hypermasculinity, inner sex, layed, licentiousness, lubricous, mac, mamilla, omnigendered, pangendered, play-girl, polygendered, pouffe, pouve, push, screaming queen, sexual aberration, sexual deprivation, sexual deviance, sexual deviancy, sexual deviation, sexual variance, sexually nonconforming, sissie, skeeger, teasing, transvestic fetishism, unnatural, vanilla sex, variant sexual behavior, vicarious arousal, vicarphilia

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