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vomit [DEF[:

1. To bring-up and expel throuth the mouth the contents of the stomach.

2. An act or instance of expelling the contents of the stomach through the mouth .

3. Matter expelled through the mouth .

See vomit [SYN] for synonyms.


(1) Benji Stone (Mark Linn Baker) and Alan Swann (Peter O'Toole) in My Favorite Year (1982):
-- Benji: ' Mr. Swann, I think I'm going to be-unwell .'
-- Alan: ' Stone, ladies are unwell , gentlemen vomit .'

(2) Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) and Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) in Wayne's World (1992):
-- Garth: ' Wayne, what do you do if every time you see this one incredible woman you think you're going to hurl? '
-- Wayne: ' I say hurl . If you blow-chunks and she comes back , she's yours. If you spew and she bolts, it was never meant to be. '

See Also: air your guts, barf, bark at ants, barking carrots, blow beets, blow chow, blow chunks, blow foam, blow one's breakfast, blow one's lunch, blow ones doughnuts, blow ones groceries, blow your biscuits, boke, bow down before the porcelain god, brack, bring it up for a vote, bring up, Brooklyn mating call, the, buick, call buicks, call for herb, call for huey, call huey, cascade, cast up, casting up one's accounts, chuck a pizza, chuck up, chunder loo, decorate the pavement, disgorge, drive the big bus, drive the porcelain bus, emetophobia, fertilize the sidewalk, flash and buick, gack, having a technicolor laugh, having a technicolor yawn, having a technicolor yodel, hork, hoy up, hug the porcelain wishing well, hug the throne, involuntary regurgitation, Jersey yodel, the, keck, kiss the porcelain god, kneel before the porcelain throne, laugh at the carpet, laugh at the lawn, liquidate your assets, lose one's cookies, lose one's supper, lose ones doughnuts, lose ones lunch, make an offering to the porcelain god, make food offerings to the china gods, meet my friends Ralph and Earl, organic output, paint the walls, pavement pizza, pray at the porcelain altar, pray to the porcelain god, pray to the porcelain goddess, pray to the porcelain gods, pray to the porcelain princess, psychedelic spit, ralph, regurgitate, retch, reverse diarrhea, shoot a cat, shoot ones supper, shout at one's shoes, shouting to Huey and Ralph, sing a rainbow, sing psychedelic praises to the depths of the china bowl, sing to the sink, spew snaks, spew spuds, spew up, spreading a technicolor rainbow, talk on the great white telephone, talk to god on the big white telephone, talk to the carpet, talking down the great white telephone, technicolor laugh, technicolor yawn, technicolor yodel, toss, toss cookies, toss ones cookies, toss ones tacos, toss up, un-eat, uneat, unwell, upchuck, worship at the porcelain altar, yarf, yawn in technicolor, yell at the ground, yodeling in technicolor, york

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