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animal sex:

Sexual relations between a human being and an animal , including intercourse , masturbation , cunnilingus , frottage, anal penetration, or having ones genitals licked by an animal .
Synonyms: beast-fuck ; beastiality ; bestiality ; erotic-zoophilism ; interspecies-sex ; zoophilia ; zoophilia-erotica ; zooerastia ; zooerasty .
See also: avisodomy ; mixoscopic-zoophilia ; zoophile ; zoophilism ; zoophilist .


(1) Porno star Holly Body (Melanie Griffith) to a producer in Body Double (1984): ' I do not do animal acts, I do not do S & M or any variations of that particular bent , no water-sports either. I will not shave my pussy , no fistfucking and absolutely no coming in my face . I get $2000 a day and I do not work without a contract .'

(2) Marsha (Lena Olin) and Herman Broder (Ron Silver) in Enemies: A Love Story (1989):
-- Herman: ' Suppose that-there were no men left on the earth, would you do-it with another woman? '
-- Marsha: ' Sure, why not? Would you do-it with another man? '
-- Herman: ' Absolutely not. (...) Because then I wouldn't find my other-half . But an animal . You give me a nice sheep or a goat . That's another story .'

(3) Colleen Sutton (Priscilla Presley) and Ford Fairlane (Andrew Dice Clay) in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1991):
-- Colleen: ' Nothing offends me. When I was eleven I walked in on my father with the Shetland pony he gave me for my tenth birthday . Does that excite you? '
-- Fairlane: ' I don't know . I never met your father .'

(4) Melissa (Courtenay Cox) and Ace (Jim Carrey) in Ace Ventura. Pet Detective (1994):
-- Melissa: ' You really love animals, don't you? '
-- Ace: ' If it gets cold enough .'

(5) Ralph (Danny DeVito) to Jack Colton (Michael Douglas) in The Jewel of the Nile (1985): 'Look at these guys, Colton. No sheep is safe tonight. '

(6) Vantine (Jean Harlow) reading children's stories to bedridden Dennis Carson (Clark Gable) in Red Dust (1932): ' A chipmunk and a rabbit ... hey, I wonder how this comes out? '

(7) George Orwell (1903-1950) Animal Farm (1945): ' Four legs good, two legs bad .'

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