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Colloquial term:

1. To reach orgasm , used of either sex . See orgasm for synonyms.


(1) Graffito: ' To go together is blessed, to come-together divine .'
(2) The ultimate put down : ' Did you come?'
(3) The ultimate turn-off : ' Havent you come yet?'

2. To ejaculate. See ejaculation for synonyms.


(1) Lili Von Shtup (Madeline Kahn) singing I'm Tired in Blazing Saddles (1974): ' I've been with thousands of men / Again and again / They promise the moon / They're always coming and gowing / And going and coming / And always too soon .'

(2) Bergman (Gene Wilder) and Dr. Benjamin (David Margulies) in Funny About Love (1990):
-- Duffy: ' You want me to put some sperm into this little cup? '
-- Doctor: ' That's right, Mr. Bergman. (...) '
-- Duffy: ' Wait a minute! You know , you make this sound easy, but I've never done this before .'
-- Doctor: ' Come, come, Mr. Bergman .'
-- Duffy: ' Twice!? You want me to do-it twice. We'll be here all day .'

(3) Joke: ' -- Hurry, I hear somebody coming . -- Sorry, baby , that was me you heard coming .'

(4) Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) to July (Tea Leoni) in Bad Boys (1995): ' You dan't want that because when I come I come like the thunder .'

(5) From the movie Star Wars : ' You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought .'

3. Or: come-juice / cum , semen and other fluids ejaculated at orgasm . See semen for synonyms.

See Also: a spot of hard breathing, a spot of heavy breathing, Accu-Jac, animal sex, beast with two backs, blow job, bob, boinng, bone-up, bowlegged, breeder, Canterbury tale, cheese and kisses, cocotte, coitus, come, coming, coming and going, coming on, coming out, coming wench, coming woman, congress, damaged goods, dental dam, dermophiliac, Diana complex, do the beast with two backs, do the two-backed beast, dreamboat, ejaculation, feel that funny feeling, gay deceivers, heavy breathing, hide the candy, hurl, impotence, in the box, interspecies sex, joining faces, kisser, leading article, lemons, Little Genie, make the beast with two backs, making the beast with two backs, outed, panties, pink tea, premature ejaculation, premature ejaculator, quickie, sexual detrition, shake, sow one's wild oats, sow some wild oats, storm and stripes, strike out, union, urethra, vampire, wet and willing, wet season, wet-on, wild oats,

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