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1. Or: butterfly-vibrator , a flat, non-penetrating vibrator strapped to the female pubic-area with leg- and waist-bands and designed to stimulate the entire vulva and clitoris .

2. A symbol for the vulva , the labia and clitoris . See vagina for synonyms.

3. A person only interested in frivolous pleasures.

4. A person who flits from group to group.

5. Or: butterfly-flutter / butterfly-kiss , fluttering the eyelashes against another person's cheek . See kiss for synonyms.

6. In gay terminology, an effeminate or mannish male, one with large, overplayed gestures.

7. Gaylese for a passive homosexual .

8. Or: butterfly-flick , fellatio in which the tongue is rotated around the glans while sucking.

See Also: butterfly, butterfly flick, butterfly flutter, butterfly kiss, butterfly vibrator, crab lice, crabs, double butterfly, mariposa, papillon d'amour

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