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leather dyke:

A lesbian who dresses in S-&-M leather gear .
See Also: androdyke, androgynous dyke, B & D dyke, baby butch, baby dyke, biker, bondage harness, boon dagger, boonch, bootch, bugskin, bull, bull bitch, bull-dagger, bull-dike, bull-diker, bull-dogger, butch dagger, butch lesbian, butz, byke, camper, cock and ball harness, cock harness, cuffs, deep into leather, dermophiliac, diesel dyke, dike, diked out, dinky dyke, DIT, doraphilia, Dutch girl, dyke, dyke-o-saurus, enforcer, fanny magnet, flannel-shirt dyke, gaychick, heavy leather, hermaphrodite dyke, hermaphrodyke, into leather, leather, leather dresser, leather dyke, leather film, Leather Lane, leather merchant, Nora Naugahide, PC dyke, politically correct dyke, semi-diesel, sergeant, SM dyke, soft butch, stone butch, tawse, three wheeled trike, three wheeler, TOD, top-sergeant

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